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Euro 2020 Group J - Armenia-Greece (15 November 2019, Vazgan Sargsyan Republican Stadium,Yerevan)

Dutch Eagle

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Will be an interesting game given what this means for Armenia, they are a decent team and let's not forget, they beat us in Athens... whilst we are still experimenting, we finally saw the team play wonderful football against Bosnia and we finally won a game!

From what I understand, Vasiliadis will get a start, who will partner him is the big question as it looks very doubtful we will see the Galanopoulos-Kourbelis combo that worked very well against Bosnia. Suggestions it could be Bouchalakis... I think, this could unsettle us.

We have an array of attacking threats which is a nice change. Tsimakas will prob start LB and there is talk Koutris could start higher up on the left, otherwise, Mantalos or Masouras will start. 

Looking forward to this and how we perform, would be great to get some revenge and most importantly, get consecutive wins, will be a massive statement if we turn the tables on Armenia and Finland who made us look silly not long ago.

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Ethniki are a young and talented enthusiastic team, they have a good structure and culture atm. They will continue the modern style of pressing higher up. This also improves our attacking game as well as creating immense pressure for the opposition.

Another thing, the Geradiko sells yeeroses either chicken or pork, both including chips inside, whereas, an actual Yeeros shop has lamb, beef or chicken. Why are they different ??

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I see you're from Sydney... wonder if I have bumped into you at a Gyradiko in Bexley or Rosebery lol. The Gyradiko is the Greek style of gyro, Yeeros is the Greek-Aussie way, both very good, Victoria Yeeros king of the Y way. 

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Maybe my man..Victoria yeeros is great..there used to be a carpark across the road from there, and we used to eat there at the rooftop level on Sundays, years ago. Now its a highrise building.

There is Illawarra rd Yeeros too but Victoria is d'bomb.

Geradiko at Bexley is excellent too, glad I'm not vegan!

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I know it’s off topic but Victoria yeeros is not as good as it used to be. There’s another one 5 minutes away it’s called the yeeros shop. That used to be good aswell. The Gyradiko in Bexley has declined aswell. There’s a new one opening in Ramsgate, hope it’s good. You can’t beat a yeeros from Greece. My brother has his own shop and all I got to say and without being biased is that he has the best yeeros in Sydney. 

Back on topic, apparently Donis, Koutris and Vasiliadis are set to start for this game. I’m very happy about this. 

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Van Schipster should eat a yeeros with tzatziki at a press conference to show his intent as the national team coach, as he expresses his views on a given match, no doubt about it, he would draw in everybody.

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So it seems Anastasiadis F***ed up our chances against Estonia with his idiotic experimental team with Barkas Lampropoulos etc. (see last paragraph):


(As it happened, I considered the same question on this morning and reached the same conclusions. To be fair I see literally zero chance for us now. Even a draw against the Estonians would have been more than enough to secure a position in the Nations League playoff.)

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If EPO would have had a little more patience with Skibbe... Who did ever thought of this last autumn? Even after a disastrous campaign, we were so damn close! Position #31 would mean we could compete in the League B playoff. A single extra point would have helped us through. F*** Anastasiadis and the mentally afflicted leaders of EPO. (I wasnt better or more clever: I was glad when Skibbe got the sack.)

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Like I have said previously, the opportunities this team and federation have squandered in the last 5 years is ridiculous... and now we have to do it the very hard way again. At least JVS and co look to be getting the first and hard part right, we have removed complacent players and brought in high spirited players that care and we actually played great football against Bosnia. Every game means so much now and a win here would mean alot for our momentum 

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Van Schip is Phat!! He has got it goin on dawgs.. and we all thought we had to rely on Mykonos fc - players above mentioned. We needed a manager with backbone to show players and EPO who run this store!!  

I hope Alefantos is shadow boxing about now, ye, you want some more?!!!

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  • Omonoia9 changed the title to Euro 2020 Group J - Armenia-Greece (15 November 2019, Vazgan Sargsyan Republican Stadium,Yerevan)



16 Airapetyan(GK)

2 Calisir

4 Voskanyan

5 Grigoryan

8 Barseghyan

13 Hovhannisyan

15 Ishkhanyan

18 Vardanyan

19 Hambardzumyan(Captain)

20 Karapetyan

21 Hovsepyan




1 Beglaryan(GK)

12 Kasparov(GK)

3 Daniielian

6 Manchuryan

7 Avitesyan

9 Babayan

11 Sarkisov

14 Hovhannisyan

17 Edigaryan

22 Harutyunyan

23 Simonyan


Manager: Abraham Khashmanyan(ARM)

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1 Vlachodimos(GK)

2 Bakakis

3 Stafylidis(Captain)

14 Bakasetas

15 Galanopoulos

16 Pavlidis

17 Hatzidiakos

18 Limnios

20 Mantalos

21 Kourbelis

22 Giannoulis




12 Paschalakis(GK)

13 Barkas(GK)

4 Lampropoulos

5 Siovas

6 Bouchalakis

7 Tsimikas

8 Mavrias

9 Koulouris

10 Fetfatzidis

11 Donis

19 Masouras

23 Vasiliadis


Manager: John van't Schip(NED)

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