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  1. Fortounis needs to slot in to Bakasetas spot. We need to bring back the 2 CBs. I like Galanopoulos and Kourbelis as the 2 in front of the defence. Bakakis does not do it for me at Rb any other option?
  2. Fetfa should get a run in the 2nd half. Nothing to lose see if we have something
  3. First real big mistake by Staf playing as a CB. Our play around the area needs to improve we are wasting a lot of possession.
  4. Could easily have won 3-0.. With the exception of 5-7 mins after the half they did not threaten us at all. Otherwise we looked very organized. The LB & LW going forward needs to be Limnios and Giannoulis.
  5. If this group with Fortounis plays the entire qualifying we would of ran away with 2nd in this group
  6. I don't know what is going on but they are actually looking formidable going forward. We are winning possession back as soon as its lost
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