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Greece vs Gibraltar (10 Oct. 2017, 21:45 EET - Karaiskakis Stadium, Piraeus)


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26 minutes ago, paokara777 said:

Did Gekas ever get a hatrick? he'd be my best bet for the last player to do it, but i cant remember him ever getting one so dunno

Gekas did score a hat trick against Latvia in 2009 (Greece-Latvia 5-2). That was his second hat trick for NT.

Here's a list of all hat tricks for the Greek NT


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2 minutes ago, Lazarus said:

Gekas did score a hat trick against Malta in 2007 (Greece-Malta 5-0)


Don't know if anybody after that...

You are right, Lazare!

And to answer your question: The man himself with 4 goals against Latvia in 2009:


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5 minutes ago, trotsk13 said:

OK, after today's results, what will the pots be?

For a team that doesn't score that much I'm happy with the result.. it's a tough game to stay focused because everyone wants to get into the action so the smartest plays are typically not made.. Next week we know who we will be facing.. bring on anyone... They won't brake us down...

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I honestly love our team as underdogs.. We will advance to the World Cup we will sneak in somehow.. who ever we play we are in.. if we play like we did against Belgium who are stronger then the seeded teams we will be in the show next summer..

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Gianniotas has 2 goals in 4 games he has a better goal/game ratio than Mantalos and Fortounis. Gianniotas is a gun. He would be good off the bench from now on. Stafylidis played the best alongside Mitroglou. 

Do you see when you play Tachtsidis you can tell he is a midfielder and shows his intelligence with the ball. 

This was an easy game but we played so much better this game against Gibraltar than the first time we versed them. 

Kourbelis and Siopis should of been given a chance. Now we are on to the playoffs!

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34 minutes ago, J1078 said:

This is the order I think would rather play.

1) Denmark




from these teams, croatia is the only team we have a winning record against.

but all tough, I'd take Denmark 1st too tho

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1 hour ago, Chris Tsamados said:

Ok so I just checked and we can draw the following:

  • Switzerland (seeded)
  • Italy (seeded)
  • Denmark (seeded)
  • Croatia (seeded)

Barring Italy we shouldn't be scared of any of those tbh.

Holland is out. 

Speaking to my Italian coworkers, they are scared and shitting right now. They have big problems right now. Almost lost to alvani and tied skopjia. Bring them on, there is blood in the water. Perfect time to pounce 

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1 hour ago, Omonoia9 said:

Final Group H Standings:








Look at that shows how many points we left on board;which we had. So many unfavorable outcomes which we should have had. Gutted looking at that.

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