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  1. They beat San Marino u-21 0-5, Games played 4, Wins 4. Vergos, Androutsos, Kolouris, Katranis and Karachalios. Couldnt find highlights yet. First in the group.
  2. http://www.espnfc.com/world-cup-qualifying-uefa/story/3225421/switzerland-and-italy-among-seeds-for-world-cup-qualifying-playoff-draw We will face croatia, denmark, switzerland, or italy. Italy barely beat Albania, I think we could take on all of them. The reason Greece does good against european teams most of the time is because most of them dont have much speed. its why we get killed against teams like brazil or colombia.
  3. Honestly, if our players are in form. We can beat any of the seeded teams. We have one month for alot of our players to be in form.
  4. Its funny that people in this forum do not see the positives of the what this team does. How they focus mainly on the flaws, but don't see how sometimes the positives of certain players on the field outweigh the cons they carry. Does anybody actually realize that the two players alot of people were going against, were the ones who scored the last two games and some people aren't even giving them the credit they deserve from that and continue to "boo" them or "wish for them to be switched"? Reminds me of the time we had santos joined every major competition with him and wanted him out because he kept putting kara and kats.
  5. ------------------karnezis-------------------- Retsos-k.paps-sokratis-stafylidis -------------Zeca------Tziolis--------------- -------------------Fortounis------------------ ------Mantalos-------------Lazaros------ ------------------Mitroglou-------------------- This is probably what will be played against gibraltar
  6. https://www.transfermarkt.com/panagiotis-retsos/leistungsdaten/spieler/324351 Played as a right back full-90 against schalke which ended 1-1.
  7. kid is nasty. Stuttgart were down 2-0 and as soon as he came in stuttgart came back and won 3-2 with this kid involved with all of them. And heres highlights of his last season.
  8. All we can do is believe. We used to have a team that when put against the corner we fought back harder and stronger. I believe this team has the momentum to do it. We may not have Donis, but we still have a selection of players who were in front of him when we played against the netherlands and won. We are going to the world cup in Russia and we will play extremely well. Skibbe is a good coach, who unfortunately is controlled in his game plans by the EPO. Tziolis needs to leave, and siopis needs to replace him NOW.
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