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I sadly unsubscribed to his youtube channel last week because I realized he updated it for like two days and then gave it the boot. Sad. He must be living a better life than those of us who are always online, though.

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On 8/19/2023 at 4:30 AM, Blackhawk said:

I talked to Yiankos earlier today and he sends his best regards to everyone, but he also told me that he does not want to come back to the forums.

Did you explain that Tzatziki is no longer here? I like Yiankos but he can be real stubborn sometimes.

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Our flight back to London from Spain took a detour via Amsterdam. We had to spend one night there (my 7th time in the magical city). I noticed the phone numbers and now realise why @Dutch Eaglerefers to Ajax as 020.

Picked up a space cake and got it back to UK without any issues. Ready for the game tomorrow!

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Flying to Greece tonight. Was supposed to be going to a wedding in Andros, however the bride yet again caught the groom with cocaine but this time when she confronted him he got all aggressive and started shouting Χριστοπαναγίες. Needless to say the bride cancelled everything. I guess we will just have to enjoy a long weekend away in Athens instead.

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1 hour ago, Athens4 said:

If any of you degenerates are in NYC between the 8th and 14th of November, let me know if you would like to meet up. I plan to go to the fan club in Astoria on the 9th when we play against Aberdeen.

What, no more Chicago? 

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On 10/28/2023 at 10:57 PM, PAOKSYD said:

Paok fans Sydney is organising a get together on the 12th November in Sydney. Any paok fans from sydney reading this PM for details or head over to our facebook page for more details

Why don't you guys invite Ksorkismenos (In-ferno, AK, or whatever other names he went under) to your get together.

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After almost 5 years I finally had the chance to watch the Invicibles documentary on YouTube. It was a great nostalgia trip and what a team that was. Props to the PAOK media department who market the team really well.


Who would you guys favor in a hypothetical match at full strength, that team or the current squad? 

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I am so ready to give my hot take here.


For anyone who wants to compare lineups:

2018/19: https://www.transfermarkt.com/paok-thessaloniki/kader/verein/1091/plus/0/galerie/0?saison_id=2018

2023/24: https://www.transfermarkt.com/paok-thessaloniki/startseite/verein/1091/saison_id/2023

As an aside, this illustrates Lucescu's infuriating refusal to actually play his squad back in the day - I count like 13 players who I don't think even played. Perhaps he knew he didn't have as great a team as we all think he did? Either way, rotation has proven its worth now.



I still think the 2018 team takes it, because they were just so in sync with each other...and stone cold competent. HOWEVER...we have a LOT more depth today, and I think it's of a higher quality. I would not be surprised if by the end of the season, this one ends up feeling more dominant. Also, we have better set up for future success right now. We have relatively few older players, so we are unlikely to have an implosion of elderliness in another year.


Defense: I think our entire defensive line (to mix up my sports) was better in 2018. Vieirinha and Matos as fullbacks were just plain better than anything we have now (yes, sorry Baba). And Varela and Crespo? With Ingason as backup? Like, are you kidding me? I'm not even sure Kotarski is better than Pashalakis during his incredible, career-defining season.

Midfield: Prime Shakhov, Oliveira, Canas, Mauricio... vs Antonio, Ozdoev, Schwab, Tsiggaras, Ozdoev. Honestly, the older squad were so consistent that I have to give them the edge over the current team. So 2018 takes it, but only barely. BUT, we have another half season to go...and the 2018 squad had mostly played together the previous year. They got off to an easier start, in other words. I also feel that we have such fantastic depth there now that we could legitimately lose three of our guys and still have one of the strongest midfields in the league.

Attack: this one, is a little more difficult. Wingers and attacking mids were Limnios, Jaba, Henrique, Lamprou, Biseswar, Pelkas. And perhaps Warda, if you can count him. Vs today's Murg, Taison, Zivkovic, Despodov, Kontstantelias. I think Pelkas/Biseswar were better than Murg/Konstantelias, but our wingers now are definitely better (even if we lack a dedicated left winger). The deciding factor here is Prijovic - who I believe is by far the best striker we've ever had. I think 2018 takes it again. And even if you want to discount Prijovic, who left in the winter break...Swiderski and Akpom were both better than our current guys, IMO.



Some of this might be my sentimentality speaking. I think this current team has the potential to be one of our best squads ever. But we're a fullback and striker away from that happening. And honestly, Konstantelias needs more time in the oven before he brings out his best. Remember: Pelkas had a physicality and speed that Konstantelias probably never will.


Btw, remember Kacheridi? He just retired! https://www.transfermarkt.com/yevgen-khacheridi/profil/spieler/69004

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Good question @Soprano76!

I agree with most @pash says. Was also thinking in lines.

Think Kotarski is a better keeper though. 

Defenders of 2018 you mention were better.

Midfield too. But included with Biseswar. He was a midfielder disguised as winger. 8 goals in SL, only behind Prijo.

CF defenitely Prijo but our wingers now (Taison and Despodov/Andrija) are better because they are so fast and love to assist. 

But man what a tough one. A kind of Sophie's choice. Like Schwab (brains of this team) and Murg (rejuvenated) too to be part of the mixed team.

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Imagine how much Prijovic would have feasted, with those fantastic Despodov crosses 😍


But yeah, this team this season is going to be amazing. It feels a lot like it did in 18/19. The team needs to announce Lucescu's extension and at least a RB SOON, though!

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