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I'll be happy with a draw and a solid game on our part.  I'm actually more interested to see how our team plays against a solid opponent, rather than the result ... and that's because ... I don't believe we're quite there yet as far as making a real title challenge.  A striker and midfielder that are "Biseswar" level ie. you can tell straight away they are something special, and a left back that has attacking instincts like Matos, and yes, we're definitely there.

Anyhow, call me a pessimist.  I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong.

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Not to be outdone by Marinakis's Alter Ego, Savvidis through his company Dimera has made an offer to Superleague to become the official sponsor of the league. His offer is for 2.5 mil per year for two years, which is 500K more per year than Marinakis offered. 

Superleague will hold an emergency meeting to decide if they will allow Savvidis's offer, since it came after the deadline for offers has passed.

Couple thoughts on the matter:

- it's clearly shows what a Mickey Mouse league Superleague is. For only 2.5 mil (or less) you can be the official sponsor

- it's quite silly for a corrupted league such as Superleague and Greek soccer is to allow a majority shareholder of one of the teams to be the official sponsor of the whole league


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Superleague has voted to award the league sponsorship to Savvidis's Dimera Media Holdings for the next two seasons. Dimera will pay 2.25 mil for this season and 2.75 mil next season. 

It's quite laughable for a league to only get a sponsorship for 2.25 mil Euro. 

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6 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

The league should not start until all this garbage that is called Greek Soccer is cleaned up.

I agree may aswell pull the plug on the league OR don't start it again until everyone who has a charge over their head has their day in court to prove if they're innocent or guilty. It is a disgrace to us ALL that we have people with charges over their head still have a position in Football.

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I don't see this as a valid reason to stop the league.  If that's the case, I can just find out the address of every referee in the league, and once a season, pick one at random, bomb it and have the league suspended.  I wonder what the life insurance premiums are for a referee in Greece ?

EPO should be concentrating on what can be practically done.  Security in the grounds, cameras, proper prosecution of offenders.  Insisting on life bans.  These are things that can be implemented relatively quickly, cheaply and will make a world of difference.  You'll still have idiots that commit violence outside of the stadiums but that's not really something EPO or the teams have control over.

I don't even know why I wasted 2 minutes posting this.  It's not as if it hasn't been said by 1000 posters already.

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20 hours ago, Reaper said:

So you believe by cancelling the league this time - unlike the 100s of others.. something will change?

I don't think anything will change either. The league will be postponed by one week and then it will resume, until the next incident takes place.

Unless drastic measures are taken, and people facing criminal charges are not brought before justice, nothing will change. Unfortunately nobody wants to take these drastic measures.

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I saw a video last night (taken down now) of PAOK fans who had caught 1 Oly fan after the train attack, they were laying into him big time, poor guy had a split head. You could hear the PAOK fans say to him "pes ti omada ise re" and also "pesimo thelate eh, Molotov thelate na riksete" was pretty bad, but then again this is the risk these guys take.

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2 hours ago, BostonThanatos said:

If you were travelling and came under an attack like that, what would you do? Be merciful?  

The people that attacked the train were nothing but cowards. They did not care a bout human lives. There could have been little kids travelling on the train. 

The sad thing is that they will get away with it, as has happened so many times in the past. I have not heard anything about police doing any investigating into the incident. With videos popping up on youtube it should be quite easy to track down the people that were behind it.

I am pretty sure I would have responded the same way if I was attacked with rocks and flares. In the heat of the moment you go into self defense mode, so I am not surprised at what happened to the Olympiakos fan who was beaten to the pulp. 

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