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4 hours ago, Yiankos said:

Welcome PaokCT!

Give us some background ... Dick size (in cm is better), thickness etc...

I mean, where are you from, age, PAOK relationship etc...

28, currently living in Connecticut, family is from Thessaloniki. Been a huge PAOK fan since I could remember. Dad played for youth team a while ago growing up. Actually have Malezas’ phone number, or I did but I’m sure he changed it in the last 9 years ??‍♂️

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Sheez I came into this thread to see the latest posts and lo and behold pash has managed to desecrate it.  Not that I'm surprised.  He's our special one.

@PaokCT welcome.  Hope you enjoy your time here.  We've been living great days with our team with hopefully more to come.

Now I've just gotta find my ruler ... I know I had one laying around here somewhere.

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7 hours ago, Yiankos said:

Nothing can help me pash...

@PaokCT were did you spend most of your life? Which games you've been at Toumba or elsewhere?

Most of it here in CT, however, I did spend some time in Detroit.  I've been to 3 games, one vs Valerenga, Muslimovic's last game, and Kaparty


I'm glad to have finally joined ! Looking forward to some good conversations with you and good debates vs the reds

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