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Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

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We had a topic like this on the old site so why not open one here. For the Faroe islands game Id start


Toro Sokratis Manolas Holebas

Tachtsidis Samaris

Fetfa Kone Fortounis


Other call ups: Kapino, Vellidis, Bakakis, K Pap, Stafy, Mitroglou, Samaras, Anakoglou, Siovas, Lagos, Lazaros, Gianniotas, and Karelis

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I cant really explain Samaris recent string of poor NT games. He's played really well for Porto all year so it really is puzzling. I love Kpaps as much as anyone, but this team desperatly needs some possitive play from the central midfielders which he simply cannot provide. I'm not a huge fan of Taxi but I agree that its his time to start.

I didnt see a team with a lack of passion against Hungary, that's not what prevented us from scoring a goal. Hungary was smart in just letting us have possession knowing we wouldn't able to muster any sort of legitimite scoring opportunity while they just sat back and defended. For all the possession we had they ulitmatly had the best scoring opportunities.

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the problem is that we don't have a natural no.6.....Taxi is the best option..in theory he and Samaris should be the no.6 and no.8 locks for the next 3 campaigns..until EURO 2020....In theory they should complement each other...they have in theory the right game and tools.....

this would unleash Kone,Fetfa as the no.10 or wide player...according to opposition....then this would allow players like Ninis,Mavrias,Kolovos,Mandalos,Fortounis,Pelkas, Karelis,Lazaros to fight for the other wide/mid positions....and rotate thru, provide options,cover and depth....


Players like Lagos,Bouchalakis would then be the cover for Samaris,Taxi....this is how you build squads for a 5-8 year period..


then players like Donis (Juve -Sussuolo), find it easier to slot in when their time and opportunity comes...

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I agree Red Sheriff, but Samaris and tachtsidis really need to step up and cement their spots.

Also Anakoglou is a very good central midfielder, much better than the over hyped Bouchalakis, by this time next year he will be in the ethniki as a rotational option at the very least. His performances have improved so much since he was allowed to move forward more with AEK and not defend so much. Next to Tachtsidis or K Pap in the midfield he'd be great.

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not sure if K.pap if the midfield answer...yes Taxi and Samaris need to step up..(hence why I say in theory).


I think we need to take a deep breath about anakoglou and a lot of the AEK players....there is a step up in playing in GSL...

The weekly grind and trips to places like Tripoli,PAS,Xanthi, Panetolikos,Panionios, is a massive difference to some of the strolls v Alimos,Episkopi etc...


Traditionally Greek NT players come from the top 6 of a 'stronger' GSL . Players with experience in  UCL,Europa Competition...


No surprise the number of starters v Hungary are Serie A , Bundesliga regulars....


it's a massive step up to a watered down B ethniki...with 'two leagues north and south'

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But Bouchalakis has done better? Oh yeah I forgot he scored in a friendly against the worst milan team ever back in July...

And I said by next year when he will be playing for one of the two best teams in the super league, not now.

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no Bouchalakis has not done better this season...however he is a couple of years younger...and has more of the physical tools in terms of size that he can develop on...


I think Bouchalakis needs more game time.....Love to see him at a club like Tripolis,Atromitos,PAOK....There is an upside...

I believe that with a 24yo anakoglou we have seen enough of him to think there is not much improvement left....hey..hope I'm wrong for the good good of Greek football.....this is a position were we could do with both anakoglou and Bouchalakis stepping up...


again .....Taxi and Samaris are the ones that need to take control for the next 5 years....

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I don't think it's fair to say the EPO stooges are looking after Kone and Lazaros...it's a very easy Greek style cop out to raise a conspiracy when we don't agree..


Both of them had a very good 12-18 months in the Serie A....And play in positions we lack in...they do have an element of X factor...and neither have been automatic starters in the NT 11....unlike other clowns like Kats - Maniatis - Tziolis - Gekas - Salpi...



I think it's way too much of a risk to play players like Giannotas, kaltsas, Aravidis based on form against poor domestic competition.

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For me it is nothing personal against him. I hope he has a great career and raises the profile of greeks abroad the way players like Zikos did. I just feel, like with many players who get many games for Greece, he does more harm than good for Greece. I think Greece has far far better players.  Personally, I would not have such a one dimensional in any national team and to be honest - not many teams have a player like Lazaros for obvious reasons.


If football was more like rugby - where the further up the pitch you get tackled the better, Lazaros would be captain, unless Samaras is fit. However in a possession game, in 2015 - I find Greece is scraping the barrel with such a player. He could not dribble past defenders without getting tackled the majority of times, because he lacks the skill. The heart is there and I have seen Lazaros play one above average game for Greece in my life. I have also seen try very hard in some Italian games. He is def more suited to a free role. However I would not even put someone like Fetfa in the same sentence as Lazaros, as I am yet to see a poor national game by Fetfa.


Either way, you don't have to worry what others think about him. I am not promising anything, but I recon he will get many many more starts whatever he does - same with Kone. Someone at the EPO sees what you see in him and that is all that matters. However, on this forum where we can talk about what we would do if we were managers, I would not let Lazaros near the squad. Same with Katsouranis and Vyntra. I also think Kone should not be in the starting 11. Kone and Lazaros have had 41 games in total for the NT and 2 goals between them both, one each. Ninis and Fetfa (both younger than Kone and Lazaros) have 50 games between them both and 6 goals in total - 3 each. But forget the goals - just watching Ninis and Fetfa in the NT, you can see they are a couple of classes above Lazaros and Kone. If Ninis, Fetfa and Gianniotas did not exist, I would still try and replace Kone and Lazaros with someone else. For me the problem the last 11 years for Greece has not been who has been left out. The problem is who has been allowed to play.. There are different types of fans. Some fans like to see heart and passion. In that case, I would give Lazaros 6/10. For actually helping Greece win? 2/10. I think Kolovos is pretty average, but if he played in Lazaros position and didn't give the ball away as much as Lazaros - I would already give him 5/10 - automatically as a reward. Possession is everything if a team doesn't have the ability to play fast counter attacks, which Greece doesn't atm. 



i agree with alot of what your saying but ninis and fetfatzidis have had more caps than lazaros and kone yes lazaros and kone are older but with a few more games they will bag in more goals for the ethniki 

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I liked what I saw from Kone in the lead-up to the World Cup and in Brazil; he had that attacking spark and was dangerous in the opponent's third; something which was sorely lacking for the NT. He was also having a solid season in Serie A. However, he's inconsistent and this year we've seen a dip in his form without question. Discipline is also still an issue with this player (not the only one on the NT). I'd still have him in my 11 though, given that I've yet to see another good "8" emerge. 


As for Christodoulopoulos, I've always thought he lacked technique and his decision-making is questionable (along with many of our attackers); not to mention his penchant for constantly losing possession... I'm definitely not as high on this player but credit to him: he's willing to run at defenders and he does have a certain pace and athleticism which can be helpful when we're on the counter. I'd be willing to try him in the center but ideally we'll have a better player emerge here soon.


I'm curious to see if Markarian will continue with KPaps as the DM. If he accepts the role and grows into it and if he improves his distribution, it could be massive for the NT. 


Here's an 11 I'd like to see tried in the next friendly (preferably before the Faroe Islands match):










---------------------------------------------------------------------------Take your pick-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Admittedly, got a little lazy with the striker position; honestly I think it's an open competition at this point: Mitroglou, Athanasiadis, Aravidis, Samaras?? Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind seeing what Samaras could do up top with a decent supporting cast; I know his form has been poor and he plays at a low level but for some reason I still think he may have something to offer this side yet.. besides shampoo tips...

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Kone appears to me to be an enigma. You either like him or you don't. I personally rate him.  he's aggressive, attacking style gives us something and I'm not sure we have too many better options in that position. Skill wise, he's scored some great goals, 



He did not play vs Romania, Finland and Northern Ireland, started vs Faroe Islands and came closest to score ((hit the bar), and vs Hungary had two headers which on another day may have gone in.   

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Kone is a passionate player for i still think he can fill in karagounis shoes he is the type of player that has every thing. skill, strength, aggression, stamina, speed is not bad, aggression, shooting can work on, can defend (not bad for an attacking mid) composed dribbler and good in the air he is also very agile. like karagounis in my opinion. has experience in leadership

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i think Karelis should play in the next match he show a lot of pathos in some of the games. i know he inconsistent in finishing but i still think he along with samaras can provide that spark in attack and that goal we desperately need. we must try Bakakis in the friendly against poland cause in my opinion his playing style could benefit us when Torosidis hangs up his boots

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