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Ppl need to stop using this greece bs.

Greece is an amazing country that has it all.

Different if your broke no country is good.


Greece is beautiful, good weather yes. But some clubs do have a rep for not paying players, capital controls are a deterrent, Kontoni stopping the Superleague every week, fan violence, these things are taken into consideration by players as well. 

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Like I said at the present time Greece is not a favorable destination for football players aspiring to continue there development, maybe more so for footballers in the twilight of there careers looking for a decent paycheck but not as much pressure in a way. However thats not to say we wont/dont sign good players. Just feel for the majority the Greek league would not be high on their list.


I believe considering the circumstances of signing mostly free agents, we have done alright.


Belkaroui looks like he will be the next and final CB, at 6"5 our CB's will literally tower over everyone in the league, a CM is crucial imo, Simoes and Johansson will not be able to do it by themselves. A ST would be a bonus considering how long it took to get Almeida.

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Pekhart has had a pretty good pre season too, we still have Aravidis, and if really necessary Bakasetas can step up and play as a striker, so do we really need another striker right now? I wouldn't prioritize it personally.

Assuming we sign Belkaroui we are set back there. A center midfielder is a must get, hopefully it's someone tall that can make us an even bigger threat for set pieces. Imagine having 5 players in on set pieces that are over 6'3, we'd dominate.

We don't want Cordero back because he's way too injury prone, and he had caused some locker room issues this past season I heard.

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If they could find a young striker whether he be Greek or not I think it would be good to bring him in, this way he can also learn from Almeida as example. CM is a MUST we saw last season Johanssen got burnt out at stages and we cant let this happen again especially if we do make Europa.


Cordero although stayed loyal he was too injury prone and this is what cost him.

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The lesser Kostas Manolas big whoop. Sure, he'll be nice as depth but I don't see him displacing Kolovetsios or the Ukrainian. And we have Diaz to spell Vila on the left. Seriously, is there any news of us signing a center mid? Or two??? Seeing lambro play there has left me tearing my eyes out at the thought of simoes or johansen going down for a significant period.


EDIT: Oly just released Maniatis. I'm not the biggest fan of the guy's persona (can't stand him honestly) and he has no skill. But he'd be a useful player to have buzzing around in front of defense. Why don't we sign him?

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F*** that Maniatis can piss off don't want him wearing our colours. Oly don't want him, doesn't that tell us something? Are we going to go after Oly's left overs? Come on guys surely we go more ambition.


Today's rumour is Fausto Rossi from Juve who is a midfielder (on loan now), this could be the addition in the middle we need.

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