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Sorry guys for starting the topic before Manu officially signed, won't do it again guys.

Welcome Manu!

Hopefully Manu has a great season with AEK and could be a star player, i'm not going to judge Manu because i haven't seen him play yet, could somebody tell me if he's a good player or not?

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An overview of our transfers (in and out) so far this summer. Keep coming back to this first post in the thread, it will be updated regularly!

Also have a look at this thread for the discussion of our changes this summer!

In - Transfers

  • Dimitrios Sialmas (25 y., from PAS Giannina) - Free transfer
  • Giannis Kontoes (25 y., from Panionios) - Free transfer
  • Mavroudis Bougaidis (18 y., from Aris) - Free transfer
  • Sokratis Tsoukalas (18 y., from Palermo primavera (youth)) - Free transfer
  • Eidur Gudjohnsen (32 y., from Stoke City) - Free transfer
  • Jose Carlos (23 y., from Sevilla) - Free transfer
  • Paul Katsetis (15 y., from Blacktown City) - Free transfer
  • Dimitrios Konstantopoulos (32 y., from AO Kerkira) - €75.700
  • Elfar Freyr Helgason (21 y., from Breidablik UBK) - €141.000
  • Nikos Englezou (17 y., AEK youth) - /
  • Thomas Tsitas (19 y., from Iraklis) - Free transfer
  • Fabian Vargas (31 y., from Almeria) - ?

In - On loan:

  • Leo Beleck (18 y., on loan from Udinese) - ?
  • Juan Torres Ruiz (Cala) (21 y., on loan from Sevilla) - ?

In - Back from loan spell:

  • Spyros Matentzidis (20 y., back from Anagennisi Karditsas)
  • Joseph Agyriba (22 y., back from Diagoras Rhodos)
  • Antonios Rikka (25 y., back from AO Kerkira)
  • Stamatis Kalamiotis (21 y., back from Niki Volos)

Out - Transfers

  • Milan Lukac
  • Ismael Blanco
  • Sanel Jahic (to APOEL)
  • Dino Drpic
  • Sebastian Saja (to Racing Club de Avellaneda)
  • Mixalis Tsamourlidis
  • Nabil Baha
  • Lefteris Intzoglou (to Atromitos)
  • Georgios Paligeorgos
  • Panagiotis Zorbas (to OFI, where he was on loan)
  • Dimitris Koutromanos (to Panetolikos Agrinio)
  • Carlos Araujo (to Lanus)
  • Claudio Dadomo (to Ergotelis)
  • Papa Bouba Diop
  • Ignacio (Nacho) Scocco (to Al-Ain) - €2.830.000

Out - On loan

  • Sergio Abdurahmani (to PAOK Glyfada)

Out - Was on loan

  • Cristian Nasuti (back to River Plate)
  • Michel (back to Birmingham City)
  • David Mateos (back to Real Madrid)
  • Eder (back to Tombense)
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I was rewatching highlights from the Kalithea- AEK game and I must say, I was pretty impressed with Chrisantus. I hope that was just a glimpse of the potential this guy has. I liked how composed he was and how well he executed the goal, but at the same time his movements off the ball were good too. He seems to have composure when the ball is at his feet and thats something evident in the way he gave Douni the assist for a possible second goal. Overall if he loses the gut and is slowly worked into the starting 11 he can do great things. Being fair though, it has taken longer than it should for him to get into starting 11 shape and he will be a fool if he misses his chance to shine in the playoffs. 

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Che I watched the game as it was on early for once in Sydney and he actually did well. His touches were great for those running off him, he should've scored in the 1st half but he hit it right at the keeper. His goal was taken very well also. Can see potential in him but I really cant see him being our starting #9 in SL, for me he just doesn't have that killer instinct we need.

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I really want Gianniota too. Back when everyone was salivating over Katidi I felt the true star of that National team squad was gianniota. The only one who put up a fight against the spaniards. Will be a big blow if we lose him to Olympiako, especially after losing Fortouni. Kourmpeli would be a luxury at this point but he can also help. Goutas would also be a great addition to our squad with a lot of experience since he was 18. 


What ever happened to Sa?


I really emphasize though the need to keep the core of this team and not pull a 2007-2013 maneuver and switch in 10 players for another 10. With 4-5 first class additions to the squad we are perfect. We do however have to get rid of players as well.


My out list:


- Sarris - Has shown to be a liability, and even in his best days didn't show us he could be a star.

- D'acol- Love the guy, good player, but again, Not the type of player who will help us fight for a title. Ultimately it depends on how Brecevic gets back in action as well, as we could use D'acol if Brecevic can't live up to the player he has shown he could be. Age is also an issue.

- At least one goal keeper need to be demoted or has to go. We have 4 right now (Voura, Ntouni, Anesti, Karagkiolidi) We need to make way for an experience keeper. Honestly we haven't seen much of anyone other than Anesti and to be honest the only thing keeping me from OUTRIGHT saying TO POULO, is the fact that he's young and has physical attributes that can come in handy. Other than that he's terrible, but at the same time hwo knows if the other guys are worse. Voura seems pretty good but who knows.

- Maybe Rova- Love this guy too, love his post match comments, love his passion. I also should add tha tif he continues to progress at his rate he too can help next season, and he can also play more than one position. If he doesn't progress then I think he needs to go as he is also 31 years old.

- Maybe Fouli- I almost am ashamed to say this but the time has to come at some point. I think he deserves to be with us our first year back in the league. As far as getting into Agia Sofia, I don't see it happening at this rate as he is 38 now, so if he can't offer help to the team going into the winter transfer window I think it'll be time to have an honorary tribute friendly and put him in the history books like the legend he is. 



What are your thoughts guys?

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D'acol is most likely out, Rova actually has another year on his contract, so I doubt he'll be out. Sarri , there's no point in loaning him out at his age, but he'll probably be loaned out as a way to keep him till his contract expires. As for Faye, I think he has a lot of potential, so i hope they loan him out to an A division side or to another country. Would hate to see him stay in B division. 

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