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  2. Your grammar is poor in quality. Hindsight is 20/20 and the season isn't over yet.
  3. The Platella release is just another insanely moronic move by a PAE who seems to have moronic moves indented into their DNA regardless of who is in charge. We just thinned out 2 major positions with that move. You now have only Patito to play on both wings for as long as Lazaro is injured. Platella had a contract until 2018, why the F*** would you break contract when there hasn't been any indication of getting another winger, and you didn't make a cent off of it? Not to mention you just strengthened Atromito for free, a team that is 3 points behind us. Vargas is out as he and his manager are waiting out his contract, so that he can leave for free in the summer. I doubt they have the brains to bring back Barbosa for cheaper, if not for free as Al Wasl has a limit on the amount of foreign players they can have on the roster. Watch someone else from the Greek league snatch up one of our best players of the last few seasons. Then I'll really lose my s%$#!.
  4. Lucky goal although our defender was eye defending on that one. Who was the last man there?
  5. Yea Bakaseta hasn't been too active. We're having trouble creating anything cohesive so even though we've been on the attack a healthy amount of times, the offense is pretty random. That's why I don't think we've been hearing much of Bakaseta in this role.
  6. Yea we've been pretty good thus far, I don't have too many complaints either.
  7. Galo has consistently gotten embarrassed by PAOK on the wing. Idk if he's past his prime or if he's just had a rocky start but I agree on Bakaki.
  8. I think he's packing the middle well. Its really going to depend on how well Bakaseta will play in this role.
  9. Mantalo on the right wing, Bakaseta in the middle, and Patito on the left. I can't wait to see how that works out. On paper that line-up (-Lampropoulo of course) looks amazing, lets see how we play. I like where Morai's head is though, and if worst comes to worst Bakaseta and Mandalo will probably alternate throughout the match.
  10. Galanopoulo looks good. Diaz looks good too. Lazaros has been garbage as of late, doesn't look like he has much fight in him. I don't know if he's out of form or what. Pekkhart was okay but nothing to write home about. Don't think hes AEK material.
  11. My heart just dropped. Looks like Mandalo will be okay but lets hope its nothing too bad.
  12. Mandalo showing why he's the captain of this team. ETSI
  13. Were playing with fire by not scoring. However, we are not as bad in circulation as we were in previous games.
  14. This one doesnt work for me either. hmmmm lets see
  15. Any link fellas? I have this one but it sucks: http://sports-prime.blogspot.gr/2016/10/aek-athens-vs-kerkyra-1930-link-1.html
  16. ^ Right? All of a sudden Simoes is good to go again as if nothing ever happened. I'll passively say that I'm not too sure about Morais' resume, however I do have faith in Maistorovic and I like the signs thus far. I'm relieved that Ketpaya is no longer our coach. The guy made a career out of his passion and I'm thankful for everything he's given to AEK, but no it makes sense why the gauro got rid of him after a few games, even though he never lost. The guy was a tactical disaster and it was almost shocking how clueless he was, and how he wasted the summer training camp.
  17. Looks like he's going with a 4-3-3. I'm not so confident in our squad using that formation. In the past it hasnt worked for us and it seems Timour might not have done his homework. Lets see if he uses it better than Dellas did last year.
  18. No excuses. TYPICAL AEK. Not even going to comment further. Not worth any further thought. A bunch of losers on the field today.
  19. In typical AEK fashion this team is trying their hardest to let this opportunity slip by while everyone else dropped points. What is the last time we capitalized on such a scenario?
  20. I agree that the keeper made an error there, but at the same time, with that force and that bounce, the ball could go anywhere. From a side perspective and from TV it might seem easy, but its different when the ball is coming at you and bounces right in front of you.
  22. http://aklautoi.blogspot.gr/p/live-1.html Good link!
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