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  1. For me at the end of the day though Leto is Leto. Its a symbolic signing for them and even if he doesn't pan out on the field he is a morale boost. Can you imagine the panic that would ensue at AEK had Tigri brought Scocco? They've actually made some really good signings. Boumal is a solid signing and Villafanez is a player that our management gave us 1002 excuses for not getting, in positions we were hurting in. Evangelista from Udinese is a solid loan and Vlachodimo is a great talent signing. The rest of them I'm not too sure about, but they are depth additions to their squad. I think you guys are underestimating the vazelo. I think we have a better team and a much better starting 11, but the other day we lost Barbosa, and I realized how devastated I was by his injury. You start to realize how thin we are and I'm worried that our players will tire out by playoff time. I really hope that Tzanetopoulo was benched all this time because of not signing and it wasn't match or fitness related. He needs to get some games and improve asap because Artho is tragic.
  2. The vazeloi just got back Leto. In all honesty unless Zoukoulini and Pekkhart tear it up i have to say I dont see us coming out above them. Thats how you sign back someone who meant something to the club, and were still having wet dreams about Scocco.... ...were excited as F*** about a 6 month loan and a 1.5 year contract witha player who is "sarting over" while the indebted Vazelo is getting back one of their most influential players of the decade.
  3. Paok dropped points today and the vazelo plays away to platania. This is an important game going into a series of derbies the coming weeks.
  4. BUT you guys know how much I love to play with formations so why not. I say we push Barbosa up and let him play behind Arava in a 4-4-2 Rombo. ------------------------------Aravas------------------------------------- -----------------Barbosa------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------Zuculini--------------------------------------- -------Mandalos-----------------------------Johanson--------------- ------------------------------Simoes-------------------------------------- Didac--------------------------------------------------------Bakakis -----------------Kolo----------------------Anyone----------------------- ------------------------------Anesti--------------------------------------- But then again Idk how I feel about leaving out Galo, Vargas or even Platella/Buenanotte (but they're not playing much now anyway) He also plays right mid so maybe 4-3-3 if Johanson can play CB....But hes been doing great in his new role, so again not sure. -------------------------Aravas--------------------------------- ----Barbosa-----------------------------------Galo------ ------------Mandalos------------Zuculini---------------- -------------------------Simoes------------------------------- Didac------------------------------------------------Bakakis ------------Kolo------------------Johanson---------------------- -------------------------Anesti-------------------------------------- Again I feel like these types of signings add depth, but right now we need to fill holes. It makes me so mad, wondering how good we would be, had we gotten a proper striker or CB.
  5. I hate to be a Debby Downer, and if we were to get him I'd be very happy, but at the same time, looks like this signing would be a tad bit of a smoke screen. You've got two gaping holes on both ends of the field, the striker position, and the CB position, and you decide to get a CM. If he were to be the only signing we achieve I'd be disappointed. If not a Striker, we really need a CB. A creative midfield can compensate for a lack of a striker, as we've seen thus far, but the CB position is vital.
  6. Tzatziki, I have to hand it to you. You've done a great job of consistently posting without offering a damn thing to the conversation. That has to be some sort of skill......ohh thats right, it falls right in line with the safe space, #onlyblacklivesmatter, movements. Speak and shout and yet manage to say nothing.
  7. I have very mixed feelings on this topic. Let me start by saying that I believe that in the US, decreasing policing has very catastrophic results because we're dealing with violent citizens and a violence-glorifying society. Unfortunately, whenever the justice system shows recession, minorities tend to attain more privilege and confidence in breaking the law. The perfect example would be in populist Mayor Dinkins of NYC in the late 80's and early 90's, and his recent reincarnation in Mayor DeBlasio. DeBlasio made away with the "Stop and Frisk" law which had New Yorkers feeling safer than ever. Now we find our selves feeling more vulnerable than ever and every "strapped" mauro gets to walk around with any weapon they please. Violent crime is on the rise, and in general the quality of life isn't what it was in New York City the last years, as DeBlasio has created an atmosphere of hatred and restrictions towards the NYPD. Landlords are increasingly at the mercy of minority tenants who abuse the system, while DeBlasio attempts to take away ALL landlord rights to their own property. The lunatics are trying to run the asylum, is pretty much what is starting to happen. On the other side of the issue however, the US justice system is run like a third world, corrupt, business. You can't have a civilized nation that has a privately run prison system, funded by the ultra rich, which has to reach QUOTAS. Yes, QUOTAS. Meaning that if hypothetically, if crime were to decrease, they would still have to find ways to fill up prisons, in order to filter tax payer money into private pockets. They make deals with the state, that include provisions like "must maintain 90% occupancy." The violent hip-hop/ gangsta rap industry gets the biggest boost from the media. Why? Because its a superior art form? No. Because the same companies that are heavily invested in media are also heavily invested in the prison system. Crime goes down, you pay some talentless idiots to make some raps songs glorifying gang wars, prison, drugs, and crime, and you're back in business. Which brings me to my next issue. The war on drugs and the criminalization of marijuana. They've criminalized a substance FARRRRR less dangerous than alcohol, not nearly as addictive as nicotine, and kept it in the hands of violent blacks and hispanic gangs, all so that they can fill up their prisons. Tobacco gives off radioactive Polonium 210 when burned (not additive related but a natural result of burning the leaf), but an herb that relieves headaches, arthritis, glaucoma, epileptic seizures, anxiety, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, etc. is deemed too catastrophic. You legalize weed and the private prison system,the DEA, the justice system, and the pharma companies take a big hit. Its not a matter of color or emotion. Its a matter of money. Jordan, the most famous and loved name in the black community is also invested in the prison system. As seen in the video, you give black people a free shirt and their doing cart wheels, show them some money, glorify crime, and you see the results. Same goes for whites, but when whites get arrested skin color is never an issue. A white guy who robs a bank, can go to jail for decades, but a stock broker can rob thousands of people and get away with a few months of time.
  8. Exactly this......we let players go for change! There are no more excuses. I don't even think 790k was a real number. I think they gave that number out so that it seemed they made an effort. How pathetic.
  9. Arzo is so tragic even the anti-AEK commentators called him out. Error prone and slow as s%$#!. Also Poyiet made a mistake leaving Galo in there. Galo has a problem with Rodriguez and it was really serious in the first match. I think in the second half he should have made substitutions earlier so that the threats on the wings were taken care of.
  10. Lol this is pathetic.....idk how people listen to s%$#! like future.
  11. Makriaaaa, last thing we need is a backstage nutjob acting like an idiot.
  12. Oohh nooo, a stupid photoshopped picture!.....how could i have been so wrong...lol pathetic
  13. LOL this post sounds like a hallucination. The first game was the usual tigani koraki game(1-0) and in the OAKA game you lost 4-0. How exactly did Kovacevic make him look like a ballerina? That was Papastathopoulos' last year at AEK by the way, so it looks like your memory needs some work. Oti sas katevei lete.
  14. C'mon bro, you're being harsh on the guy. A lot of people have done worse and are still involved with AEK. Bajevic sold us worse than anyone in our history and yet a large portion of our fans accept him nowadays and don't doubt his love for AEK. Manola the same and yet he's still with us. Even Kasapi who was a loyal soldier took AEK to court over post-2004 money. At the end of the day there are very few Mauros,Nestoridi, Papaioannou, and Demi type players. Tsarta most of all cared about his family and was always stingy with money. Whenever he entered the field or scored a goal he would kiss his ring finger. There's no doubt he loves Sevilla but he loves AEK too...not as much as himself of course hahaha In my opinion Tsarta was wasted talent. The most talented player I have ever seen (I saw him in person on a few occasions). But, if he had a more humble mentality and work ethic, he could have been a name remembered world wide in my opinion. Kind of like Xatzipanagi could have been too.
  15. Based on his comments and performances I'd say Mandalo isn't ready to have the weight of the term "leader" on his shoulders. He will be our leader one day, its just we're putting a lot of pressure on the guy, really soon. One of his issues is that he puts his legs in harms way often and so he get injured. After his last injury he should have gotten some games to rest here and there. He pretty much lost his rhythm after that injury because he wasn't able to fully rest and become match fit the way we waited after his serious injury form last year. I haven't lost hope in Mandalo though. Hopefully he'll show up his good old self against mpaok and inspire us like he knows how.
  16. I too want to congratulate Anesti. BUT its clear to me now that what he lacks is clearly a matter of psychology. When he is put in a situation where there are relatively small expectations, he thrives. You expect a goalie to get scored on after a penalty 90% of the time, I feel like knowing that, Anesti was able to thrive. When there is pressure on him though, like coming out for a corner (a play he should save more than 90% of the time) he fails. I think these saves came at a great time as we will see against PAOK what he is made of when his psychology is at an all time high. I hope he does well, because I can't lie, he still make me nervous. But today is his day. Also Barbosa and Johanson have been insane these last few weeks. I'm so glad Barbosa is proving me right in thinking that he will perform better this year. The AEK365 crew are eating their words.
  17. What are you having, arguments with your self or something? First you responded to his post with "allegations are not facts" and now you are admitting "no one disputes that" in regards to his post. No one disputing something pretty much translates into it being a fact, so you are contradicting your self.
  18. PWS TSOUZEI OTAN SAS PHDAEI H AEKARAA!!! OUTE TA KORAKIA SAS FTATANAN AUTH TH FORA! The Nova sport announcers sounded like they were going to cry at the end of the game. They plan didn't turn out as planned. I've been giving him a lot of s%$#!, but bravo Anesth! Very big win today against the corrupt league.
  19. Saw his twitter......hate him already
  20. I think the same. Btw our Pae sent a stefani to that criminal from Mel and the Pae. Looks like all the crooks were one big parea. The ksenera that I feel with this management grows by the day.
  21. Happy for you Sheriff! Great addition :)
  22. The troll has been warned, don't fall for his bait guys.
  23. http://conservativetribune.com/2-thugs-white-pizza-boy/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=TheNewResistance&utm_content=2016-01-02&utm_campaign=manualpost 2 Thugs Do the Unthinkable to White Pizza Delivery Boy? Al Sharpton Silent While the mainstream media remains on the racial divide bandwagon and running with the misguided idea that blacks are being killed by whites at an alarming rate in America, true stories like the murder of Alexander William Burkart go unnoticed. It was just another routine day in Mount Clemens, Mich., for Burkart, 22, who worked as a pizza delivery driver. When he made a stop to deliver a couple of pizzas to Jayvon Cates and Deandra Arnold, getting stabbed to death was probably the last thing on his mind. Cates and Arnold, who were described as local ?gangbangers,? reportedly stabbed Burkart several times before he was able to escape in his car. However, police soon discovered Burkarts vehicle crashed on the side of the road with Burkart lying dead inside, apparently from his stab wounds..................
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