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  1. wtrhw3yjswy3teyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. In my opinion he was in breach of his contract the moment he mentioned that he would leave if an English offer came his way. He basically lost all credibility for me that day, and his case today would have stood if not for those comments. However, since he did make those comments, I now think he is unprofessional enough (off the pitch) to announce his departure from the team RIGHT before one of the most crucial matches of the year. Whether the president wants to make signings happen or not, you keep these types of comments behind closed doors. I guess well have to wait til the summer time to see if Poyet is right or just trying to cover his tracks.
  4. Haha my friends and I were on AEK365 http://www.aek365.com/a-453662/odhgwnta-sto-manxatan-akougonta-tragoudi-gia-thn-aek-video.htm
  5. Someone gets paid to pretend to "design" this crap?
  6. If he truly wanted to, he would find a way.
  7. We have all our players at great ages. We need to keep our core together and with some additions these players can push for the title in the next 1-3 years.
  8. Tsipra, his followers, his ideology, and their counterparts in Europe are DANGEROUS and need to be taken out immediately. At this point I would say let Xrish Augh come in and reverse the damage these traitors are doing. As far as being accepted by other countries, the way things are going they'll each have their own version of Xrish Augh in power by the next round of elections. If you look at Turkeys population, not only would they take a large cut of the subsidy pie, but they are also estimating a migration waive of over 15 million people. The fate of the western world rests on the shoulders of Cyprus.
  9. As long as we win fairly I'm happy walking away with a shitty game a +7 and +11 ....wouldnt be the first shitty derby we've seen.
  12. Yea, Idk if Tzanetopoulo is a game change to be honest. But who knows, we'll see.
  13. Platellas starting! I like the line-up!
  14. I would definitely like to see Platella come on during the game. I thin he can wreak havoc tonight.
  15. It was insulting that this game was played. We are lucky that none of our players were seriously injured and in all honesty our squad is notches above Irakli's as far as quality. This was the only way they would get a tie. Wasn't the gauro game not played last year on a much better pitch in Livadia?
  16. He couldn't wait till his contract is over to say these things? Kind of annoyed about that. I wish he would have followed his own advise in the beginning of the video and stayed quiet about the epl until the end of the season.
  17. This is has been one of the saddest days I've had in a long time. It feels like someone close to me died for some reason. I think it was because of how Pantelidi rose to fame and how his rise was during the time when I started really going out to clubs. Its almost as if I grew up with his music. I kind of felt like society was rough on him at times, for a self taught and self writing artist. RIP Panteli, thank you for the memories.
  18. It really did hurt them. They put so much effort into protecting their paper streak, just to have it broken by AEK. Can you imagine how that sits in the heads of the fanatic sheep fans? Theodoridi is losing sleep ahahaha. One of my friends brought flowers and chocolates to the AEK fan club saturday. He said " tha tous gamhsoume pou tha tous gamhsoume, na mh tous paroume kai sokolates gia tou agiou valentinou?" That is why Mr. Kasami, we are AEK and you are not. Because we are AEKARES and gentlemen hahaha :P
  19. Ahahah Kasami's comments were GOLD. Hypocrisy at its finest. It was fate that this ridiculous little streak of corruption they built would be broken by AEKAPA.
  20. For the most part the AEK papers have done their hardest to support the current management. Every time they decide to get cheap the papers come up with 3000 and two excuses as to why the deal fell through. With Villafanez, a player we really needed, they came up with every excuse in the book. Manager issues, price, being owned by different parties, etc. The vazelo decided they wanted him and got him. It was that simple. Sa was spoken about for years, and we lost him over 20k. Months of bullshit for us/ Simple acquisition for the vazelo....
  21. My logic is that Johanson is quicker than Tsane and Artho, and more reliable than Artho and Lmapropoulo. Also our midfield is still stacked, so I'd rather have JOhanson in helping than have to bench Simoes or Zoukouloini in the high profile matches. Simoes is much more important in a defensive mid role than Johanson is in a right mid role, it might not show to the naked eye but the work that Simoes does covering our asses on defense behind the midfield is VITAL.
  22. He can play CB and right now our options arent too good there. Not to mention our midfield is too big
  23. 4-4-2 rombos -----------------------------Aravas/Pekhart-------------------- -------------------Diego------------------------------------ ----------------------Mandalos----------------------- -----Galo-----------------------------------Simoes ------------------------Zuku--------------------------------------- Didac---------------------------------------------------Bakakis ------------------Kolo---------johanson--------------------- 4-1-4-1 ------------------------------Aravas-------------------------------- Mandalos-------Zoukou-------------Johanson--------Galo/Plat ------------------------------Simoes-------------------------------------- Didac---------------------------------------------------Bakakis ------------------Kolo---------Lampro--------------------- 4-3-2-1 ------------------------Aravas------------------------ ------------Mandalos-----------Diego----------------- Galo------------------------------------------Simoes ------------------------Zoukou-------------------------- Didac-------------------------------------------Bakakis -----------------Kolo--------------Johanson-------------------- or -------------------------Aravas---------------------------- ---------------Diego---------------------Galo----------------- -----Mandalos----------Zoukou------------Simoes Didac---------------------------------------------------Bakakis ------------------Kolo---------johanson--------------------- 4-2-3-1 ---------------------Aravas--------------------------------- Soiledis-------------Mandalos-----------------Galo/Plat ------------Zoukou----------Simoes----------------- Didac---------------------------------------------Bakakis ---------------Kolo-------Lampro---------------- Playing with some formations for the upcoming derbies without Barbosa. So far I actually like the 4-3-2-1 with Diego and Mandalo behind Arava, and 4-4-2 diamond.
  24. Ahahaha at one point i couldn't figure out if he thought the scarf was a pageant banner or a wrestling belt
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