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  1. Welcome back Greekfreak!!! Good to have you with us again!
  2. I think you guys are being too harsh on Platella to be honest. At the very least I am thankful for Platella. He was literally the single shining star in the 3rd division, one of the few guys who remained dedicated and focused, and we can degrade the 3rd division all we want but there were many times where a Platella goal or play saved the day. In the second division he has been great too. He has remained focused and you can always count on the guy to show up effort wise. Now as far as the tough games go and him not being able to perform in the Superleague. The guy is young, he just turned 26, and in my eyes a soccer player's prime is 28, so in that respect he still has space to grow as a player. Then if we were to go by what we have already seen, he performed well against Atromito too who is one of the toughest teams in the league. Against the gauro he did a lot of little things that people didn't notice and especially in the Karaiskaki, his passes in small space were great in wreaking havoc. He pressed up high which caused a lot of issues for the gaurous, and there were a few brilliant passed that could of changed the game. (some of them were disrupted by the ref) As far as the sitter that he missed goes. Like I've said before, I think he puts tremendous pressure on himself and this leads to him losing his cool sometimes when in the final third. If he worked on his composure and focused on finding the open man, he can create a lot of golden chances for the team. He's still got potential, and I really can't blame the guy for missing a sitter. Aravidi has missed sitters as well, Barbosa did as well against the gauro, and most of all our star player Mandalo also missed one of the biggest chances we had in the draw. With experience they'll all grow together and become deadly.
  3. Ahahahah guys I have to share this. There comes a point where you can't even hate on a guy, but appreciate their comedic genius, kind of like Taki Tsoukala. Ahahaha here's a little piece of magic from no other than the burning one himself:
  4. Welcome back SOFC!!! Can't wait to start chatting in the political forums again!
  5. CHE21QNS

    Aek 2014-2015

    Wilbekin looks like a great addition too, young and hungry....Aggelopoulo easily our best president right now
  6. I was rewatching highlights from the Kalithea- AEK game and I must say, I was pretty impressed with Chrisantus. I hope that was just a glimpse of the potential this guy has. I liked how composed he was and how well he executed the goal, but at the same time his movements off the ball were good too. He seems to have composure when the ball is at his feet and thats something evident in the way he gave Douni the assist for a possible second goal. Overall if he loses the gut and is slowly worked into the starting 11 he can do great things. Being fair though, it has taken longer than it should for him to get into starting 11 shape and he will be a fool if he misses his chance to shine in the playoffs.
  7. Ahahahaa TG7 with words of wisdom :lol:
  8. Geia sou megale!! Haha they pride themselves on shutting down a fellow gauro site :lol:
  9. ^ Sums it up really well! I'd also like to add another element to the discussion. Many of the posters who were granted moderator privileges either never showed moderator behavior at any points as posters or were given mod powers very soon. Some barely a year into their accounts were made mods when there were already PLENTY of mods in there to cover each topic. I don't know about anyone else but I definitely remember wondering how guys who signed up after me were all of sudden becoming mods and how it was people who spoke and carried themselves like fools from the very start. Which makes me wonder, what really was the agenda of that site from the start? They were running rampant in there for years and it wasn't until Kosma pretty much gave up on direct involvement in the site all together, that action was finally taken against these posters. Seems as if Kosma might of been protecting them from the start. It seems the site as a whole never really cared for most of its users. They blatantly threw everyone who posted in the EPL, Non-sport, Political, and NT topics out to dry over the bad blood of a select few posters who were bad apples to begin with.
  10. They sound like a bunch of 16 year olds yelling " you're gay!" toward anyone who they don't like or agree with. The definition of KAFROI haha as if calling someone a homosexual is some kind of terrible insult nowadays. Sta a*****a mou ti kanei o allos sto krevati tou xaxa, kai sto kato kato sinithos autoi pou milane poli gia flories kai tetia themata einai autoi pou krivoun kati ;) Vazw stixoima oti esis pou milate gia manes kai kai gia pidimata kai to ena kai to allo tha exetai faei to megalhtero KERATO ap'olous lol
  11. I feel a lot of the criticism towards Tsarta was a result of his cold, almost too professional personality off the field. He was often characterized as money hungry and the fact that he loved to talk about himself didn't make things better for him. It was as if fans were looking for reasons to doubt his game because they were scared to invest in him as a person, sort of how I feel about Scocco for instance. (although there is no comparison between the two- Tsartas being in another league) In one end you had Demi and players like Georgea leaving their lives on the field, and Tsarta seeming more cool and composed on the field and more ego driven off the field. In reality the guy was brilliant and it is exactly as he put it himself, he was slower on the field physically, because his vision and footballing iq was so much faster than everyone else on the field, mentally.
  12. I like him a lot and although he's not a talent he still has years to improve before he reaches his peak. A lot of people don't like him because they think he is selfish or has a low footballing iq. Personally I think Platella does a lot of small things you don't notice throughout the game as well, and does a great job in tiring out the opposing defense. He's getting some harsh criticism right now but if he learns to pass better, and add composure when in the final third, he'll close many mouths.
  13. http://www.enwsi.gr/piperata/ipevalan-ta-sevi-tous-kompotis-ke-lamia/
  14. Yea fan wise Lamia is a huge AEK city. But their president is a Kompoti and Marinaki tsiraki.
  15. Our roster has been leaps and bounds better than many teams in the Superleague in the past as well, but they always found ways. I expect everything from these people
  16. This game is important. We need as big of an advantage as possible going into the playoffs, you never know what dirty games might be played in an attempt to keep us down. Lamia seems to be the next Olympiako farm team to enter the Superleague. I'll be keeping an eye out to see how hard they push that team.
  17. I think he'll find something. He's saving face for the moment, but at the end of the day he has nothing to lose. I see this pest giving us a hard time till the day its built. Afterall that is why he's there. Lets hope otherwise.
  18. Geia sou megale! Good to see you back!! We'll continue everything you guys were building for months on the AEK forum at gs.com without the constant fear that something new would happen up top to ruin everything.
  19. Dug this up as our Stadium topic. Looks like everything is looking good right now. Vasilopoulo is back peddling but at the same time he's still reserved. Who knows what this skouliki has up his sleeves. http://www.aek1924.gr/podosfairo/podosfairo-andrwn/item/41798-%CF%86%CE%AD%CF%81%CE%BD%CE%BF%CF%85%CE%BD-%CF%87%CF%81%CE%AE%CE%BC%CE%B1%CF%84%CE%B1-%CE%B3%CE%B9%CE%B1-%CF%84%CE%B7%CE%BD-%C2%AB%CE%B1%CE%B3%CE%B9%CE%AC-%CF%83%CE%BF%CF%86%CE%B9%CE%AC%C2%BB Melisanidi heading to the US for potential investors.
  20. No point in hiding behind our finger man, it has to come out at some point. Haha good to see you too, and we'll have that conversation next year! haha ;)
  21. Kalos hrthess re ProudHellene! Let taxman and the rest know w'ere all here!
  22. As everyone knows Greeksoccer was shut down because Atillio (as well as some others) decided to do the bidding of his masters at olympiakosworld and sabotage everyone else. I really don't care if Greeksoccer is brought back online as they already made their intentions clear. Kosma or Yianni as he was when he gave a s%$#! about the site, always made his true colors and bias evident. It seems seeing his red forum suffer out of no ones fault but their very own (a bunch of kafro goons turning every topic into a flame war) was bad for his reputation so he decided to pull the plug all together. I personally cannot post in a forum with such a blatant red agenda. To be honest the red forums would have rebounded anyway once everyone at the gauro site realized what idiots that clan of degenerates has, but it seems Atillio had other plans. It was a shame that they had such a blatant disregard for anyone else on the forum as it seemed the AEK forum was really starting to take off. After a slow few months we had a good core of posters who posted regularly and some older members always contributing whenever they can. Conversation and posting was really interesting for the first time in a while. This is our new home and to anyone who joins here lets try our hardest to spread the word and get every ex-gs member on here to continue the path we were on after the parasites Red Spartan, Gavros7, Oliacos, and their goon squad were banned. Any old member we knew who we keep contact with has to be informed and jump ship. I hope someone can get in touch with guys like Original 21, OriginalSydney, EmprosAete, Greekfreak, as well as other posters! Hope to see everyone again soon :)
  23. CHE21QNZ, I'm here too guys. I'll contact everyone I know to let them know this is our new home. We need to come up with a plan to get everyone over here.
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