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  1. Tzatziki, you're warning was administered, pm me if you have an issue or a second warning will follow.
  2. You guys need to stop wasting your time with those lowlifes, in.ferno is a grown ass man with a wife and kids and he neglects them to spend hours on end, on internet forums writing stupid poems, childish insults, and getting into 10 year long imaginary feuds. Enough with these idiots. Anything else that is in relation to their site will be gone.
  3. They were offering him 80k with potental for more after the first year and the 80k would start this year anyway. I personally think its a good offer post-olymiako game, if I were to play devils advocate and take his form pre-olympiako into perspective i wouldn't have been mad if he asked for a counter offer of 100k.....but these guys neglected AEK all together Too many great talents get destroyed by greedy managers. I cant blame Tsarta for looking after himself but he made a classic business mistake, he left a good offer on the table while it was warm, out of nothing but arrogance and now that offer is no longer on the table.
  4. Meanwhile at the Limani , 4rth matchday in a row where the ref hands them the game......
  5. Hahaha nice vid Greenshadow....only in Greece would that be a penalty.
  6. Aravidi on the wing has to be one of the most frustrating things I've seen in a while both for AEK and the NT.
  7. 1. The clearest penalty I've ever seen. He commits a penalty three times, two failed tackles that both get Johanson's legs and shirt tugging the entire time. This for me is a clear sign of a fixed ref. How in the world does a referee AND a linesmen both miss this play? We are being robbed in plain sight! 2. Our goal is not offside.Not only because Djebbour is aligned with the defender but because the only way a player can be called offside without touching the ball is if he is obstructing the play. When Barbosa takes his shot Debbour is not in his field of vision and is parallel to the panionio defender, its only after the shot is taken that Djebbor makes a move. 3. Artho is garbage. That is all.
  8. Tsa pouuu! Is that how they've spent the 200 or so million euros they've extorted out of the Greek league the last few years? Making Greece "proud" once again LOL
  9. The Chrisantus joke has to be one of the worst in recent memory. A portion of our fanbase are so senile and delusional that they've caused a division within our fans just because Chrisantus "looks like a good guy" They've even turned this into a race thing. For what? Because he laughs like an idiot every time he's out on the field? For me personally it showed that the guy didn't take anything seriously, he laughed it all off as if missing a sitter was okay. Asking for extra christmas days when you haven't even earned your place on the team is insulting. For me the biggest smack in the face is the fact that this PALTARA is one of the highest payed players on our squad and last year where our underpayed Greek players were bleeding his was the sole most expensive player on the squad, being overweight half of the season..... TO POULO
  10. Great win today for our standings. Gave ourselves some space to hold on to second place. Next week's game is probably the most important game of the year thus far. We have the chance to get ahead of panionio by 7 points and Astera is playing the vazelo. So if we beat panionio and the vazelo beats Astera, we are in essence leaving behind two teams in the race for the top playoff spot.
  11. Astera Tripolis and Ksanthi both lost this week. We need to destroy Kalloni and take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of them going into next week's game with Panionio. The Paok-Panionio game at this moment in time is great for us because either PAOK drops points and we pull even farther ahead of them (they are going to make signings in the winter so I think they'll come into the second half of the season looking to make a comeback) or Panionio drops points and we get to pull away from pretty much everyone in the playoff race this week. Really important game tomorrow.
  12. Yeaa, my father is from Larissa, we live in Giannouli so were close to the Al Kazaar. I really want AEL back in the top flight but at the same time I hate that kougia is in charge. After what he did to Panahaiki he has no place in the soccer world, not to mention he went from exposing Marinai to becoming one of his tsirakia. Anyway i wish you guys the best.
  13. Someone on Facebook uploaded this video and I was thinking.....F*** me look at this squad we had.....Djebbour in his prime, Scocco, Blanco, Diop, Leonardo, Lago, Della, Kafe, Manola.........Its such shame that most of these players didn't play to their full potential at AEK, or simply didn't play to their full potential at the same time. Leonardo for instance was trash that year but killed it the next year. Lago was not the same player he could have been before his injury. Etc.
  14. Berbatov seems to have come to Greece to vacation. But at least he payed for himself so they can't complain, well worth the gamble
  15. Ahahaha I almost forget that we can sign a young guy AND a proven guy.......this management had me subconsciously thinking we can only get one player :lol:
  16. Damn Cardozo is a big name though. No way we'd get anywhere near him at a better age. Don't know how I feel about this....buy someone you can build on or buy someone who is a gun but is 32........hmmm
  17. Were going to agree to disagree so this is going to be the last post I make in here. It is different when a play uses his arms to move the player out of the way or to keep him pinned to a position, and different when the player runs in his direction and falls the second there is contact. This can be called at least two or thre times every game if refs were to whistle impartially(something that as we can see through the Siovas Papadopoulo pic is not the case) As for Djebbour, he didn't dive, he put some sauce on it but he would have fallen regardless.
  18. I thought that one was soft just like this one is. These frames are taken out of context and within the regular motion of the play Milivojevic runs into the player, as soon as there is contact he dives. His legs go limp. If this were a penalty you'd have a penalty on every other corner kick during a game. If we're going to be looking into the past, people in here were perfectly okay with the olympiako goal against AEK where Botia man handles the defender out of the way to score his goal. That was way more obstructive than this play and yet there was no foul called. (keeping in mind that a foul is a much easier call to make during a game)
  19. What game were you watching? For a 30 minute span between the first and second half leading to the penalty the game was a mess. Olympiako couldn't create anything. Hernani came on and did absolutely nothing to change the face of the game. It had DRAW written all over it until that penalty. It was in my favor for olympiako to win as my team favored from it, but this game was a draw. Even if they did outplay astera to that extent its no excuse for opening the score on a penalty like that. Like I said it changed the entire face of the game and the scoresheet is proof of that.
  20. Im with Greenshadow on this one. Up until the penalty was awarded the game was terrible and Olympiako were terrible. It didn't look like they would break Astera until that penalty. It wasn't a bear hug, Milivojevic runs into the defender and dives as soon as there is minimal contact. It wasn't even close to a penalty. The offside was a joke because from his perspective, the linesmen couldn't even see the Astera player behind the Olympiako player who was covering him out wide. You want to see a bear hug, this is what it looks like: Like Greenshadow said, when PAO or AEK or whoever it is doesn't deserve to win, they usually don't. Olympiako didn't deserve to win today and the entire rhythm of the game was changed due to a false penalty. Here is the "offside" Pay attention to the linesmen's positioning:
  21. Just saw the clips: I didn't see any hand ball play so I'm not sure what JVC is referring to. As far as the second yellow goes, I didn't see the first yellow but that was a stone cold yellow right there. Barbosa gets the ball passed the defender, he tries to run around him and is both clipped and held by the defender who is using his arms to hold him. Also the penalty is a bit tough but looking at it frame by frame Mako uses his left arm and right leg to position Djebbour off the ball, Djebbour does add a bit of sauce to it, but its still a penalty. Mako's positioning on that play was terrible, he pretty much tries to take a stab at the ball from the right while his body is still positions to the left, which is why he throws djebour off the ball. Also Original its seems like you downplayed Platellas goal pretty badly. I was waiting to see like a krisantus tap in goal or something. The guy makes a great run into the box, outruns the defense, and positions himself between 2 defenders and a goalie to spear in a centre pass from the other side of the field. Thats not a goal you would consider being fed to you on a platter. Great assist none the less.
  22. JVC you can't start a soccer conversation and then just shift to how happy you are in your life. Anyone can easily just say that their life is happy, to divert the conversation from the topic at hand. I can't personally say anything refuting your claims as I didn't watch the game. I'll wait for the official match highlights to come out.
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