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He can play striker and also #10, but he wont be taking Mandalos spot so I see him playing as a 2nd striker. Also think he can be played on the wing. Deadly left foot and can hit a free kick too. Top signing this one.


300 on Baka and 700 on Barkas, Meli is keeping a few mouths closed now after being labelled a tightass by our own fans.

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Fletcher has signed for Sheffield Wednesday, im not dissapointed tbh, hes nothing special imo, and a hefty paycheck.

We are looking at Croatian striker Duce Cop, excellent record at Zagreb, but poor everywhere else, still young enough to improve.

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I wasn't really hung up on Fletcher wasn't my type of player and I don't think he is the striker who will score 20 for us, could be wrong but just don't see it in him. I really don't get how we have lacked in options up front, what do our scouts actually look for in a striker? Everyone else seems to get a decent front man except us, very frustrating.

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I agree that if there was more of an Australian presence in Greece there would be a focus on them and the league, but the reality is that 99% of Australian players aren't good enough for Greece.

Let's pretend for a second and consider this scenario: "Bruno Fornaroli would tear the Greek league apart if he ever played there!"

We all know that Fornaroli was one of the biggest duds to EVER play in Greece. He went there on 550k Euros a season and aside from 2 goals in the cup against lower league opponents, laid an egg in the league.

He is probably the best import to play in the A-League whilst he'll forever be considered a joke in Greece. That's the difference between GSL and A-lg.

No offense meant to the player as he seems like a decent person though.

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