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Given the way Ketsbaia likes to play, I think we've seen the last of Vargas, Buononotte, and Cordero. They don't fit his style of tough play.

Also, looks like Baroja is gone. Barojas from Atromitos, and Loria that used to play for OFI are the two options we are trying to get to replace him. Barkas is a stud, he will be the best goalkeeper in Greece in a few years, we need to sign him ASAP.

Ketsbaia also likes Vellios for striker position which would be great for us if we sign him. Carlos Carlao, a Brazilian CB from APOEL is on his list, as is Milan Duric, a 2 meter tall Bosnian striker that scored 8 goals for Cesena in Serie B this year.

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Milan Djiric scored 2 today for Bosnia vs Japan. His record speaks for itself, shite. 20 goals in 130+ appearances for Cesena, 8 goals is the highest tally in a season in his career.

Im glad Baroja is going, he was good but nothing special and I feel Anestis is better.

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Chrisantus and Baroja are gone. Arzo, Soiledis, Buononotte, and Cordero hopefully are next. I wouldn't be surprised if Vargas, and Djebour left too.

Loria is close to being signed for the Goalkeeper spot, he's an upgrade over both Anestis and Baroja, but he's not good enough IMO for a team trying to qualify for the Europa league group stages.

At this point if we are only going to sign average players that won't get us into Europe, we might as well sign young Greek players that are decent but have a lot more potential. My hope for this offseason if they weren't going to sign paixtarades was to sign:

?Barkas to split time with Anestis.

?Risvanis to backup Kolovetsios, and play about 15-20 games in all competitions.

?A good experienced centerback to teach Kolovetsios and Risvanis.

? Kourbelis and Siopis to backup our defensive midfielders.

? Stafylidis on loan with an option to buy to share the spot with Didac.

?Bakasetas who is signed already.

?Vellios to be our number one striker.

?A winger just as good as Barbosa.

We would have built our team for the next decade, improved our team for the upcoming season, but it would have cost a ton to sign these guys. Signing a few of them will help, I'm still holding out hope for Vellios.

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700k and a percentage of the next sale to Atromitos for Barkas, just when I doubt him, Melissanidis spends the cash, I hope he continues and brings in Vellios.

Loria's deal is on hold and it depends on Barkas, if Barkas is willing to stay on loan at Atromitos for a year then we will sign Loria. If he wants to come right away then Loria won't be signed. We are off to a much better start this offseason than last year, assuming we do sign Barkas of course.

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It wouldn't cost too much money to sign those players. Panionios usually sells for 400k, vellios would probably be the most expensive player tbh.

After the Bakasetas or deal Panionios won't be selling us any players unless we pay the full release clause on their contracts. Barkas himself cost us 700k, the transfer values of Greek players is very inflated right now. Edited by Original 21
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Some good options for keeper now with these 2 guys, good way to start the new season, Anestis and Baroja can be good on their day but they can also have a master degree in stupidity at times also, one will leave surely.


Lets see who we go for next we need an experienced CB first then worry about the rest.

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I think Chygrynskiy is a great buy, you dont get signed by Barcelona for 25 mil without there being a reason behind it, sure the move was a fail but the talent is there.


He is at his prime age, a perfect height for a CB and is definitely a step up to what we have in Arzo x10.


Greece is not very attractive at the moment, so we cant attract a lot of players, i think we have struck gold with Chygrynskiy.


Shame about Vellios, he can go to Nottingham Forrest and fight it out mid table or could have signed for us and continue his good form and showcase it in Europe. 1 good season in the Greek league and all of a sudden he's ready again for the championship in which he failed with Blackpool already? Very odd.

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An overhaul and light years away is a bit of an exaggeration. I don't think the gap paints the full picture, we beat the champions twice this season so on a 11 vs 11 we are not that far behind or equal, what the gap states is that when it comes to smaller teams we are not as clinical or maybe overconfident. 


We lacked a clinical striker all season so to finish where we did with no quality striker or target man is amazing. Had we had that type of striker I'm sure we would have killed off teams where we dropped points to.


A top quality striker, a top quality winger is what we are lacking so hopefully we fix that in order to compete for the title next season.

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Again, the gap doesnt paint the full picture. A quality striker would have been the difference in the games we drew/lost.


Its still early days but we have done reasonably well so far in Bakasetas (if its true), Barkas and now the wall of Ukraine Chygrynskiy!



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