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  1. We need a striker. No way we will do anything in Europe without one. I Greece we may be able to get by with the little quality that we have. But no titlerun.
  2. Yup, they need some finishing quality. We really don't have any.
  3. As long as he finds his way out of the bottle.
  4. I say we try to break the record and hire/fire a few more coaches for the rest of the season. I am sure there is a FIFA record somewhere Players wont play/fight for ketsbaia... same for morais. This is a joke. The players will continue this bs as long as we keep dropping coaches. Pedigree or not. No long term strategy. I don't care about the press. We should have kept ketsbaia for the year.. for good or for bad. To send a message that the players either go out and play or rot in the bench. We are a joke. And I mean aek and Greece in general. You never will get real players or coaches if you are viewed as an unprofessional place to play
  5. You really think Bravo is that good? He played in MLS last year and was expected to have the starting job but ended up in more of a rotation. I haven't seen him enough, just wondering.
  6. Why offer when you can get him for free? Good luck to him. I always liked him and think in the right situation, he will excel.
  7. So we going to pick up some more losers like pekhart in January?
  8. If he plays attacking with our weak defense at toumba, we will eat many goals.
  9. Yeah, makes it really tough to watch. I even tried a vpn service to change my IP address. Unfortunately they use a security software that saw right past my vpn. Used multiple services. Planned on paying for the service at novasports Instead ad I have to look for a pirated stream for me and my father to watch
  10. Unfortunately, I think we will be lucky to get out with a draw. I would love 3 points but I just don't see it feasible Hoping he goes with more Greeks as I'm not sure if the foreigners understand the magnitude of the game or the derby. I also don't think the players coming back this week are in form to start.
  11. Typically, when a new coach comes in, everyone busts their @sses to prove their worth to the new coach. I don't think I saw that here.
  12. At this rate, he will be a care taker until the winter transfer period when we get a new coach.
  13. Poor decision at this point. Too bad. No patience in Greece. That's ok, no one else is available at this point so we will end up getting ouzonidis or some other out of work Greek coach. Hope they have someone lined up or we will have a rough time until December.
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