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Kostas Kenteris and Katerina thanou were riding on a motorcycle together and they crashed. They got many scratches but if they run it is not known. Horrible!!!!!!!! :( :( :( We pray that they can compete.


if they won't be suspended the next two years for avoiding an obligatory dope controls

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Injured Greek stars face ban

Kederis is a Greek nation hero after winning gold in Sydney

Greek duo Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou are facing expulsion from the Olympics after missing a drugs test.

The sprinters were unavailable for testing after being allowed to leave the Olympic Village by Greek officials to collect belongings from their homes.

Reigning 200m Olympic champion Kenteris and Thanou were then involved in a road accident and taken to hospital.

The pair missed an International Olympic Committee hearing at which they were expected to explain their actions.

The news comes at the worst possible time for the host nation, just hours ahead of Friday's Opening Ceremony in Athens, where Kenteris was expected to light the Olympic Cauldron.

Greek Olympic team spokesman, George Gakis, said: "They have been involved in an accident involving a motorcycle. They have been taken to hospital."

It seems that it's not something very serious

Greek athletics chief Vassilis Sevastis

The spokesman added that the motorcycle accident happened near Glyfada, a southern Athens suburb where the Greek team has its training headquarters.

Greek athletics federation chief, Vassilis Sevastis, said the injuries were not serious but the pair would remain in hospital.

"As you will understand their psychological state was not good. It seems that it's not something very serious. Tests are ongoing," Sevastis said.

Kenteris and Thanou, who won silver in the women's 100m at Sydney, were due to attend the drug test at 1930 local time on Thursday.

Christos Tzekos, coach of the two athletes, said they were at their home at the time of the test.

Having missed it, they apparently asked to take a test later in the evening at the clinic in the Olympic Village rather than at the anti-doping laboratory in Athens.

Both athletes are national heroes in Greece after their exploits four years ago.

Kenteris, in particular, is a hugely famous figure and remains the only man to win the Olympic, world and European 200m titles.


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It's all a farce in my opinion.....

That Thanou dopes, nobody needs to do a medical test.....

Just look at her face..., hear her voice..and observe her body..... The message is clear like a Greek sky during summer time.

Now Kenteris.... , why he refused to do the test ?

Why are they never participating in track meetings abroad ?

And don't forget Greece Tracking Team has hired for a while now...the trainer of the former German Democratic Republic......

This all leads to one conclusion....

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they didn't refuse to test, they weren't present to test...

but i don't get it....how som people let this happen to 2 of the best Greek athletes???

:( :( :(

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Hopefully they will recover from their injuries. I hope this isn't all just a lie just to skip the doping test, that's what some media say. It's really bad how some athletes are now being accused of taking drugs for sport events. I'd rather see an athlete finish last than finish first by taking drugs <_< ............

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Kenteris could withdraw following missed drug test and motorcycle crash

By LISA ORKIN, Associated Press Writer

August 13, 2004

ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Greece's biggest star might drop out of the Athens Games after missing a drug test, shaming the host nation as it opened its first Olympics in more than a century.

Greece's Olympic Committee will meet Saturday to discuss the bizarre case of sprinter Kostas Kenteris, the 200-meter Olympic champion who is accused of dodging a drug test and was later hospitalized after a motorcycle crash.

A source within the committee, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that one topic at the meeting will be whether Kenteris should withdraw from the games.


Even if he drops out, the International Olympic Committee probably will proceed with its doping case against him. A hearing was set for Monday.

Kenteris and fellow Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou were in a motorcycle wreck Thursday night just hours after drug testers failed to find them in the Olympic village.

Kenteris and Thanou, the 100-meter silver medalist in Sydney, are due to remain in KAT hospital over the weekend, so the IOC delayed a Friday hearing in their case. They were in stable condition with cuts and bruises.

Christos Tsekos, the sprinters' coach, said it was not clear whether they will be healthy enough to compete at the games. The track competition begins Aug. 20.

IOC president Jacques Rogge insisted the Olympics will not be tarnished by the scandal.

``The games are much stronger than individuals,'' he said. ``We have had widely publicized doping cases before, they have not damaged the image of the games.''

Rogge said the IOC's medical director, Patrick Schamash, went to the hospital near the main stadium complex Friday to give the sprinters a written summons to attend the disciplinary hearing.

The athletes did not appear. Greek Olympic team leader Yiannis Papadoyiannakis attended on their behalf and asked for the postponement.

The news dominated Athens headlines and overshadowed TV coverage of the Olympic flame relay as it headed for the opening ceremony, where Kenteris had been expected to light the cauldron.

``A Shadow is Cast Over the Big Celebration,'' one Athens daily newspaper proclaimed. The front-page headline on another demanded: ``Tell Us the Truth.''

``There is only one way to say it: Big shame for us,'' said Officer George Minatsis, who was directing traffic headed to the Olympic Stadium. ``It's all anybody talks about -- that, and not the opening ceremony.

``Now I would like to see him run,'' Minatsis added, ``so we could boo him.''

Kenteris, a surprise winner at the Sydney Games, was considered Greece's best hope for a gold medal in track in Athens. But he has a history of being hard to find for drug tests and rarely runs in international competitions outside the games.

IOC medical commission chairman Arne Ljungqvist said drug testers unsuccessfully tried to find Kenteris and Thanou a few days ago in Chicago, where they had been training with Tsekos. Nick Davies, spokesman for the International Association of Athletics Federations, said the sprinters changed plans and traveled to Essen, Germany, to see a doctor.

When Kenteris and Thanou arrived in Athens on Thursday, an IOC doping-control official went to the Olympic village to test them but couldn't find them.

The head of the Greek track team, Yiannis Stamatopoulos, said the athletes left the village to collect personal belongings from home. He said they asked for an extension to take the drug tests.

Tsekos said they had their cell phones turned off and didn't know they were being sought.

``There was no intention from the Hellenic Olympic Committee to hide anything,'' Papadoyiannakis told state-run NET television. ``If there has been some kind of misunderstanding, that's something different. Many athletes leave the Olympic village for many reasons, to enjoy themselves.''

The IOC's Anti-Doping Rules for these games say doping violations include ``refusing, or failing without compelling justification, to submit to sample collection after notification.'' Such a violation may lead to ineligibility.

Any sanction can be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which has set up a tribunal in Athens.

Last year, Kenteris and Thanou missed an out-of-competition drug test -- they were in Qatar after telling anti-doping officials they would be training on the Greek island of Crete.

Neither has tested positive for drugs. IAAF general secretary Istvan Gyulai said Kenteris passed two out-of-competition tests in the past 10 months, and Thanou passed two tests in the last seven months.

Associated Press Sports Writers Stephen Wilson and Rob Gloster contributed to this report.

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they didn't refuse to test, they weren't present to test...

but i don't get it....how som people let this happen to 2 of the best Greek athletes???

:( :( :(


Accoring to an IOC Regulation.........every athlet is suspended, who misses 2 consecutive controlls.

And both Kenteris and Thanou...refused already 11 days ago in Chicago an Anti-Doping Control........

But that is nothing new.......

Already in 1996 in Dortmund/Germany........ Thanou flee from a German Doping Investigator...when he appeared unexpectedly in a training session......

In order that Thanou could escape....Tsekos, the coach....blocked the way of the Doping Investigator.....

Better No Medal(s)..... than Doped Medal(s).....

Akou edo.....ixane kontrol...kai pigane spiti tous epidi ixane 3exasi kati....kai vevea ..kai h dio masi to ixane 3exasi...to kati....sti stigmi pou htane na pane gia control.....

Ystera pigane sto spiti tou kurio Tsekou.....o Kurios pou mplokare ton Investigator sto '96 .......... ....... kai ystera.....dies periptosis ??.....pesane kai h dio apo motocycleta...sta mesanyxta.........kai tora tous krivi to nosokomio.....

E afta ine rezilikia.....kai afti h 3enh opos diavaso....perimenoun tetia gelia pragmata....gia na mas lasposoun....epidi zoulevoun ta katarthomata mas: Me ta Olympiaka Erga, me ta Olympika Stadia mas...... me to pou tous vgalame pseftides....gia osa ma legane......kai me thn Orea mas Teleti Enarxis.....

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The Greek Olympic committee will meet today and probably will withdraw Kenteris and Thanou from the games. They will not wait for the International committee to do it.

Several Greek media suggest that the accident was a fake one to postpone the anti-doping control, and I have to say that this was my impression from the beginning.

We shouldn't let this spoil the image of the games. When we say that we want drug-free games we should be the first to prove that we mean it. Let's withdraw the athletes.

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Kala na pathoun pou xasane to Opening Ceremony last night! To be suspended all the way! Ma POU PAS pano se mixanaki 1 day before the Games begin, when you know that it all depends on your feet?!! :tdown: And wheres your responsibility as an athlete when you're unaware of certain important appointments you must be present at?!! Us per se, lets say we are about to take any sort of exams, or we know we have an interview; einai dinaton na min kseroume all the details of when and where we need to attend?! And ok, lets say they didnt know or they forgot; OTAN DEN KSEREIS, ROTAS!!!!

This is spoiling Greece's good image especially since last night although, at the end of the day, its not Greece and Greek people's fault if Kenderis and Thanou are doped or irresponsible.

I am angry! :angry:

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Menios Sakelaropoulos wrote something today in "Athlitiki Iho" that if it is true then it is HORRIBLE!! People were discussing 1-2 hours before the "accident" that something will "happen" to the two athletes.

There are several misfits in the story.

1. The motorcycle has scratches in the left side, yet both athletes are "injured" on their right side.

2. There are no eye witnesses of the accident

3. The person that transferred them in the hospital is nowhere to be found

4. The incident was not reported to the police, and it is unclear how the motorcycle was taken from the place of the accident

5. Whenever someone important is transferred in the hospital, the Greek TV channels show interviews of hospital personnel, doctors etc. In this instance we haven’t seen a single person that was on duty on Thursday night in the hospital.

The athletes are the ones with the least responsibility. I am sure that they are following the “brilliant” advice of their coach, and maybe persons from the Hellenic Athletic Federation.

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We all love(-d) Kenteris and Thanou. Kenteris being not only a compatriot of mine but going to the same school as him and on a few occasions as a teenager playing 3 on 3 basketball at the E8niko Stadio Mutilhnhs, is something that I always felt proud of. Last year when the stories De Bilde had published about him and Tzekos had infuriated me and when I saw him a wek or so later I just said to him " Min tous akous Kosta, se zilevoune" (don't listen to them Kosta, they envy you) He looked back and whilst smiling said "Efharisto, na'sai kala" (Thanks, I wish you well). Now I realise how fake that smile was. Kenteris as a person is the nicest guy you could ever meet. The stardom never got to him and he had time for everone, from the 6 year old who would interupt his coffee at the cafe to the 68 year old granny who would kiss him on both cheeks telling him "Poli se agapame" (we love you very much). At any time you could walk up to him and have a chat and he'd speak to you as if you had known him for years. He was the Pride and joy of Mitilini, Lesvos. The Kaloni National stadium was named after him, they named a track and field meeting after him, they named Lesvos' fastest ship after him, streets were named after him, some went as far as saying that we hadn't done enough to honour him and a statue of him had to have been built...

What now Kosta, how will you come back to your people? With what eyes? You made your choices and must now pay the consequences. All your glory has not had a shadown cast over it, but has been tainted. It's just like a Picasso painting that has had grafitti scribbled over it. You will always be known now as the cheat, not the Champion. It's not important if you are found clean when you give your sample, because you should have been responsible enough to know your obligations not only to yourself, but to your country also.

The best and fairest thing for you and Thanou would be a 2 year suspension.

This was not a dream, it's a nightmare.

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What now Kosta, how will you come back to your people? With what eyes?

Thank you for your testimonial Evergreen.....

On the other hand ... I can't imagine...that those who follow regulary sports events....did not see that both...

are heavily doped ???

Or is anybody among you, who thought that they were clean the last years ? If yes. What have you then thought hearing Thanou speaking with that virile voice ?

But the most sad thing is ...that both damage heavily their health.....and these problems will come in a couple of years.....

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I dont even feel sad or sorry for them, i think they should get what they deserve, and that is something that the Olympic Games Committee is meant to decide on Monday! Guys, honestly, i think we should stop moaning about this and concentrate on the Games as a nation. 1 or 2 gold medals less is not a big deal. We've got the Olympic Games to host and they have only just started, plus a whole queue of Greek athletes waiting for our support. :gr:

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I dont even feel sad or sorry for them, i think they should get what they deserve, and that is something that the Olympic Games Committee is meant to decide on Monday! Guys, honestly, i think we should stop moaning about this and concentrate on the Games as a nation. 1 or 2 gold medals less is not a big deal. We've got the Olympic Games to host and they have only just started, plus a whole queue of Greek athletes waiting for our support. :gr:

Thats correct, there are many other athletes who need our support!!!

BUT...doesnt mean we shouldnt still support kenteris/thanou, during this difficult time also. Whether people think they are on steroids, are scared that they are on steriods..until a test result states they have been doped, our support should still remain.

This relentless pressure from american athletic associations,british/foreign media targeting these 2, and these 2 only, is just not right.

How someones voice sounds, how there body looks, does not instantly constitute drug use, sometimes it is human nature. Lets just wait till they are tested before we start branding them drug cheats/heroes or idiots.

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its too suspicious.

they miss the test and i think they would rather be ruled out for something other than doping.

Why didnt they go to the test? how the hell could they forget?

what the hell were they doing at 12 in Glyfada?

if they test negative i think they are stupid for risking themselves on a motorbike etc etc days before theyre events start.

if they test positive i think they should return they should never be remembered.

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apparently in the news in australia they stated that Kenteris has been avoiding drug tests for the last year ;)

im still hoping that there cleared and can compete :( i was really really lookin forward to watching them, i mean i remember jumping out of my seat when Kenteris won in sydney).... great moments :la:

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Dissapointing..... Kenteris was Greece's hero, how can he ruin his carrer like this. First of all, he shouldn't be taking any body-enhancing drugs, as a matter of fact, no one should. Second of all, if Kenteris and Thanou did take drugs, they should of just take the test and prove positive. If they suposedly made up this "accident", it would give a bad name to both Kenteris and Thanou. I already thought that Thanou did take osy-enhancement drugs before, but it came to a shock that Kenteris would also be like this :( . As much as sad and dissapointing this is, I think everyone's attention shoudl go to our other Greek athletes. They deserve the attention. :)

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Have to admit what Evergreen was correct I met Kostas when he was in Sydney at the Olympic Village ( i was working as a volunteer there)

And he was a top bloke we talked for ages he actually freaked out that my name was Costas and i was from mitilini as well all in all he was a legend i also bumped into him at the airport and he remebered me very friendly guy B)

Shame he has become a cheat what possesses people to do this!!!! :blink:

PS how many mitilinians are on this board!!!!

:tup: :tup: :tup:

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apparently in the news in australia they stated that Kenteris has been avoiding drug tests for the last year  ;)

im still hoping that there cleared and can compete :( i was really really lookin forward to watching them, i mean i remember jumping out of my seat when Kenteris won in sydney).... great moments  :la:

yeah i keep on hearing that in australia as well, even in the papers... but what they fail to mention is that kenteris has been tested twice in the last 10months, and been clear of any substances, and thanou twice also in the past 7 months.

its a relentless war against them through jealousy and rivalry media/america etc, but if there stupid drug cheats, then badluck i guess, if there not, then they are just stupid.

and yeah all traceable drugs, can be detected upto 3months in the body, from taking them. so whether they were to be 1 hr late, doesnt make a difference.

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The differance is that although they may have been tested, they were not one tested by WADA at "suprise" meetings. At every event a proffesional athlete must tell WADA where they are in order to get a sudden test. They lied twice. Once they said they were in Crete they were in Qatar and 2ndly they said they were in Chicago but they were in a village in Korinthia.

You really think the Greek anti-doping committee would bust their asses if they were guilty? Get real. The cover -ups so far have been scandelous to say the least. The Greek Olympic committee washed it's hands yesterday suspending them for 48 hours. Only Lambis Nikolaou had the decency not acting as a hypocrit. being the only odd vote of the 6 of the commitee.

Br assured Tzekos have a doctors degree when it comes to doping and in an hour could have cleared the athletes systems of the drugs in order to give negative drug results.

As mhn e8elotyfleite otan einai fws fanari.

If is looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck then it must be a duck.

You get busted for drugs you are bad!!

You dont get busted your a fine!!

Most if not all elite/competitive/record breaking athletes take drugs.

Some are smart and use drugs that cannot be traced, or can be hidden/ cleared from the system..they escape and become heroes, regardless of any question marks on their heads.

Some are dumb, and use easily traced drugs, or do not clear their system in time...and live in shame in other peoples eyes, as drug cheats.

Its simply a matter of which of the first two, they fit in, and that goes for any and every athlete!

Non show to testing does not always constitute refusal. Have they refused or not been able to attend due to mitigating circumstances is up to the IOC. Has that decision been made NO. Has any media, supported, or shown the opposite side to the drug story NO. The only two words that accompany any article or report is, refused, avoided, drug cheats, mysterious, fled, hidden, drug duo. What about innocent until proven guilty, a fundamental rule in any civilized world.

Nobody can say they are cheats, and nobody can say they are not.

I for one believe that chances are they have. But i also believe that all their competitors do also. So what am i too think?? They cheated?? They are at an advantage compared to the others?? Not neccesarily.

A positive test, means they are finished forever.

A negative test, means regardless of motorbike accidents, missed tests(unaware?, unavoidable distraction?) shady coaches, they will still remain heroes, and still have a chance to win.

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