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  1. Makedonia


    Disgrace indeed :angry: ...PAOK fans should know better. They should be proud what Anasasiadis has done for PAOK. They were so close tomaking the CL this year, they finished third in the Greek Legue, what more can you ask for??? One thing goes wrong with this team and these idiotic "fans" got balistic. They should be put away, PAOK doesn't need fans like this...
  2. Great transfer for PAOK :D I saw him play during the olympics and I cant' wait to see him in a PAOK jersey.
  3. Greece did terrific. The best ever! What's even more impressive is that this is the smallest country to host it!!! :tup: BRAVO ELLAS!!! :nw: :nw: 10/10
  4. Lazio would be a good place for Karagounis. I believe he would get many opportunities of playing at the Capital. With players like Veron in Inter, Giorgios would definetely not play.
  5. Great job for Greece!!! :)
  6. :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
  7. Most of Romania's gold are probably in Gymnastics, they've been performing well throughout the olympics, both men and women.
  8. I am cheering for all Greek teams in Europe, like I have been ever since I watched the sport. Everyone else should as well. Whether you hate a certain team or not, every Greek team should be supported by all Greek supporters. This question goes to all Olympiakos and PAO fans: What were to happen if your "rival" were to advance and your team would not, would you support a foreign team instead of the Greek team you hate? It would be very stupid if you answered yes to this question. One Greek team left in Europe can and should be acted as a Greek National team to the nation. We all have our
  9. :gr: :nw: BRAVO HELLAS!! :nw: :gr:
  10. August 25th is the return leg Yes I'm afraid I also agree with Irlandos, PAOK isn't like it used to be, but I am still rooting them to with by a four goal gap. It is possible........ :gr:
  11. When was the last time Austria defeated Germany in a football match? :huh:
  12. It doesn't really matter, it's the Greek Olympic squad that lost, not the EURO 2004 squad. Now I'd have a different reaction if this was the World Cup Qualifications....
  13. Panathinaikos needs to keep Basinas, they've lost everyone else, why lose him?? If PAO loses Basinas, I can't see PAO winning either the Greek Cup or as Greek Champs.... KEEP BASINAS!!!!!!! :gr:
  14. Maccabifans...let me just state that PAOK fans are not racist whatsoever. We respect everyone in this world. I do have to admit that we do get out of hand sometimes, but that's because we suport our club to the fullest, terrible that some PAOK fans are like that starting fights and all.....but we are definetely not racist. Trust me, I am a PAOK fan ;)
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