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  1. Greece loses to France 64-56 :tdown: They now play Serbia for fifth place in the tournament. They really couldn't get it together in the fourth quarter, with France having a 17-5 run against Greece to just further their lead. Oh well.
  2. We're less than a month away from Greece's biggest game of the qualification. :box: Is it fair to say, however, that without a win on October 7th, Greece will not participate in the final tournament? If Greece were to tie or lose to Croatia, would they not qualify through the qualifying playoffs?
  3. Seems like they'll never get this settled.....every team keeps on appealing every decision :P The Match fixing scandal has brought shame across Europe.
  4. The man they need to watch out for is Benayoun....keep him pressured and everything should be fine. Israel is missing Sahar and Barda for the game against Greece, Barda already scored a goal against Latvia. We're in trouble if Greece were to lose this game.
  5. :tup: Bravo Stoltidis! Round of 16 here we come :tup:
  6. 1. AEK ========= 2. Panathinaikos ========= 3. Aris :la: 4. Olympiakos ========= 5. Panionios 6. PAOK 7. Asteras tripolis 8. Atromitos 9. OFI 10. SCODA Xanthi 11. Iraklis 12. Apollon Kalamaria 13. Larissa ========= 14. Ergotelis 15. Veria 16. Levadiakos
  7. Greece: Olympiakos Greece2: KASTORIA!!!! England: Arsenal Italy: Juventus Spain: Real Madrid Germany: Werder Bremen France: Marseille Holland: PSV Portugal: Sporting Lisbon Scotland: Celtic South America: Boca Juniors North America: DC United
  8. That Ronaldinho goal was fantastic!!!, and speaking of great goals, did anyone watch the Juventus-Real Madrid matchup, Trezuget's goal was amazing!!!! Ibrahimavic headed it perfectly to trezuguet for the goal, and he was on the GROUND!!!!!, if anyone has a clip of this please post it for everyone to see.
  9. Any info if any Olympiakos games being shown in Canada? If not, any UEFA Games at all? please respond. :tup:
  10. The NHL and NHLPA made a bad mistae, they ruined the sport, this sport was a great sport, to both wathc and play, and now all it is is money. I feel sorry for the players who actually wanna play... In other news, a rich company wants to buy all the NHL teams for 3.5 billion dollars, whihc is pretty good value considerign that there are 30 teams in the NHL, although by the end of all this crap, there probably be only 18-20 teams left, including the original 6 teams. what do you guys think, should the NHL accept the offer nor not, please respond :tup:
  11. @Luz Here are some picture of the Beautiful Kastoria: I've been to Kastoria many times, my family's from that area, the nightlife is great, with nightclubs, and great restuarants near Lake Kastoria. The lights on the night picture are where the finest restuarants are, the one restaurant, forget the name, has the best "bifteckis", everyone should have a chance to go to this fine town :tup:
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