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Nations League: Greece-Kosovo (14 Oct. 2020, Olympic Stadium, Athens)

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Lmao what? I think your response here kind of proves you talk non-sense and can't really back up anything you say much of it is baseless.  You have a clear hate for JVS which is fine you don't ha

You were real quiet during the first half...

Lmao so mad ... have a snickers. You get cranky when you’re mad.

He had a chance to move to Cardiff in 2018 when they were in the PL but turned it down. Was eventually loaned out to Galatasaray. That didn't work out. Then he was on loan at PSV, used mostly as a sub, scored 1 goal. Not much mins.

Back at Marseille, not playing and will see out his contract, which runs to 30Jun21.  He'll be 33, so who knows what he'll do then.

What's not clear, is what condition he's in. 


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Mitroglou hasn't played in over a year and nobody wants to buy him.  I think we are passed having him on the team. About Bakakis, he has been useful.  He is very fast and teams are aware of his speed.  Having said that, his crosses aren't the best and he gets beat defensively. Unfortunately, he is the best right back we have right now.

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Why not give Rota more minutes or try Giannis Masouras. Someone who is very fast doesn’t get beat defensively very easily. Worth a try. 

Mitroglou is too slow. Needs to be given the ball to he’s feet otherwise he’s useless. Pavlidis offers a lot more and is younger. With the CMs and CAM we play, creativity and service will be hard to come by no matter who the striker is.

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Btw something that probably most people including the idiot in the bench haven't noticed is that drawing/losing any of our games could potentially cost us the pot 3 in the upcoming wc qualification. Right now Finland stands below us with a minimal difference so aside from the embarassment of not topping a group like this, the team could very easily end up being in pot 4.

Had we at least drawn Austria and won against Kosovo would have secured it.

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On 10/14/2020 at 4:45 PM, Molon Lave said:

If Greece finishes 2nd, do they still get promoted to League B and get a playoff spot like the first edition? 

No only the 1st place team gets promoted. 

in this edition of the Nations league only the 2 top 1st place teams who haven’t qualified for the WC or playoffs enter the playoffs. 
basically means you need to finish 1st to get promoted and improve our rankings and being in group C makes being one of the 2 teams impossible. 

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On 10/15/2020 at 4:28 PM, nasl said:

The next 2 games are crucial of course

JVS must get us results or we may need to start over with somebody else.

Keep in mind this group is a (B pool) and there should not be any excuses.

Jvs has done some good things , but if we dont come  1st place the HFF

will react.




B pool?

this is C. Third Division of the nations cup lol

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