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Turkish teams are not easy, they have a league that is honestly a step or two above our own. AEK will be better of in the near future once they move into their proper grounds, that stadium cannot be built soon enough. Then there will be good revenue from which you can make some decent moves, Tiger has cash but either he can't get around the FFP rules or he is just a miser. With the new stadium AEK will have a fortress much like OLY has with Karaiskaki instead of the empty OAKA.

Also changing new managers every year needs to stop. PAOK let their manager work for a couple seasons and they won their first title in decades, and did it unbeaten. Pedro Martins has been in Piraeus and had time to work on a squad and it seems like this is bearing fruit. You cant possibly have any success by changing managers and half the squad every year. Teams need some cohesion they gotta be like a family to have some chemistry and all.

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He has become cheap since winning the unexpected title. I understand putting money into the stadium but he would be wise to spens some money this year to give the team some momentum. I really dont see Cardozo lasting the season. Would not be shocked to see Jimenez later in the season. He is tanned rested and ready.

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We did so well in the first half and could have had a third then, Oliveira missed a great chance at the end of the half.

We ran out of gas in the second half tbh. We did ok in midfield but there was just not enough energy to create actual chances which is bit of a shame. We need to work on fitness.

Bakakis first game back and boy, did the Turks run riot on his side second half, they had one mavro that wouldn’t stop!

Main thing is we saw a good performance and can be proud of that, we look much much better under Kostenoglou 

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