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Might as well be Hungarian side Honved. Romanian supporters threw flares and one of this hit the ref after 120 of playing. After a long debate with officials and observers the fourth official replaced the ref and restarted the game with the necessary penalties.

Or they have to play without fans. Some punishment one way or the other will be given by UEFA for sure.

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Εκμεταλλευόμενος λάθος στην άμυνα της Κραϊόβα, ο Μάνταλος "αδειάζει" έναν αντίπαλο, αποφεύγει και έναν δεύτερο και με άψογο σουτ στην απέναντι γωνία στέλνει την μπάλα στα δίχτυα!

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Not sure what the solution is. We brought in a new manager with a bunch of players to fit his style (build from the back), which is not working. Some of the players brought in dont fit with the existing players and we are lowballing teams for good center backs. I see another third place Superleague finish in our future.

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