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Nations League: Greece vs. Hungary (Groupama Arena, Budapest) - September 11, 2018


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1 minute ago, Chris Tsamados said:

Think we need to chuck on Mitro, hopefully he's up for it, as I can't bear to watch him sulking about the pitch.

Why are there so few good Greek strikers?


Currently Vellios and Karelis have no playtime they re no jokes to be fair and can replace Mitroglou better than Koulouris or bakasetas. Donis is a winger nowadays last game he played CF was 1,5 season ago in Nice. if he has to run for it tho he can do it but we didn't have a chance yet. Skibbe has nice tactics with the midfielders cooperating for chances i give him that. I like the coach year after year he seems to begetting better like wine.

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