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2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics


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Greece smashed Brazil on there home soil 9-4 !!!! Thanks to there 5 goal victory, they are now ahead in first place in Group A, due to goal difference. :)

On a side note, if Serbia loses tonight against Australia, they will be eliminated

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Standings in men's water polo 


Group A 


Greece 6 pts 

Brazil 6 pts 
Hungary 5 pts 
Serbia 4 pts 
Australia 3 pts 
Japan 0 pts

Group B 

Spain 6 pts
Italy 6 pts 
Croatia 6 pts
Montenegro 4 pts
United States 2 pts
France 0 pts

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Greece lost to Australia 12-7, even though Greece advances to the quarterfinals, I have a bad feeling that a loss like this one could get in there heads. It doesn't matter if they face Italy, Spain, Croatia, or Montenegro, you better bring your A game or it's go home. 

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In Synchronized Swimming, Greece pair Evangelia Papazoglou and Evangelia Platanioti finished 10th in Duet Free Routine with a score of 86.100. Tomorrow, they will perform the Duet Technical Routine. It's a good showing, but I am not expecting them to win medals. 

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Latest in the Men's 470 Sailing, after 7 races


1. Croatia; net 14 pts

2. Australia; net 25 pts

3. Greece; net 32 pts

4. France; net 36 pts

5. Austria; net 42 pts


Looking good for a bronze and a chance for silver. Croatia looks a certainty for the Gold. Next 3 races will be decided 16/08/2016 02:05-04:55 Sydney time.

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Apparently Gianiotis lost the gold medal because he failed to touch the finish board while the Dutch swimmer did even though it appeared that Gianiottis crossed the finish line ahead of him.


Gianiotis gets the silver medal.

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Why blew it, OH?

Same time after 10K of swimming. It should be a tie. Ergo two gold medals.

And we must be proud. It is the first medal after 120 years in swimming.

Overall a good day and good games for a EllinoOllando like me.

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I think awarding a gold to both athletes would have been fair considering they were both given the same finish time. In the picture below it looks like Gianniotis (white cap) crosses the line first. 



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We have secured a medal in Sailing, 470 class. Medal race is tomorrow, but we are guaranteed a medal and can even get the gold.


I am watching the Greece - Italy quarterfinal water polo game and we are playing very badly. Losing 2:0 after 1st quarter. We need to pick it up.

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