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PAS in Europe 2016/2017

Dutch Eagle

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Do teams get bonuses for victories/draws in the qualifiers? I can't remember


Yes and no:


For the team ranking the match results in qualifying rounds do not count. From 2009 on qualification for the Champions League and the Europa League is rewarded with a number of points based on the reached qualifying round:



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Great experience for pas.

Hoepfully the club can use this to build on more stable financial future over the next couple of seasons


Doubt they earn that much from a europa qualifier to actually be able to bring  better calibre players than they already have (maybe 1 or 2).

Its mostly the feeling the players got by playing @Europe and proving worthy of it which is

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PAS will play its homegame against AZ in Athens.

Their own stadium does not apply to the standards of UEFA.

Odd that the stadium for the game against Odd in Q2 was good enough and for the Q3 not.

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