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  1. Vellios scored again in a 2-1 loss to Norwich city
  2. Mitroglou's individual highlights vs the Netherlands. In general looked pretty good out there!
  3. http://www.xxxyyyzzz (spam)/XXXxxxXXX (spam)-allnews/2016831-5 There he is in the bologna shirt, good move for him. I'd love to see him in Montreal later on in his career but I think I see him going back to olympiakos
  4. Hey guys I don't know if anybodys mentioned it yet but the Belgium NT have appointed Thierry Henry as there assistent coach...seems kinda random, he was a phenomenal player who knows how he'll do as a coach though
  5. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/08/07/report-middlesbrough-keen-on-signing-greek-international-andreas/ Opinions? I'd prefer him at benfica personally
  6. https://youtu.be/rO5zbdiwGVg Scored a nice goal
  7. https://youtu.be/K4prv7pgUuc His goal 57 seconds into the video
  8. I'd definetly try and bring back zucilini
  9. I'm still glad we avoided England. At the euro they were pretty bad but they have big Sam allardyce as coach now who is waayyyyyyy better then their previous coach. England do actually have some pretty good players, and I actually think now England are going to be much better and will probably do well at the world Cup (call my crazy I know lol)
  10. Haha that's so random but awesome!
  11. I agree I hope Samaras moves up he would do well there. Holy s%$#! lol Adriano plays US FOURTH tier I totally forgot about him
  12. Mitroglou, Samaris and benfica won the super cup today, mitroglou started and came off, while Samaris came on as a late sub
  13. Rayo also have a new coach so hopefully that means more game time for Samaras like today
  14. https://youtu.be/Tw6iDP4a2jw Samaras scored again and played 90 minutes (I think just the second or third time this season), also against the NY cosmos.
  15. Oh the Samaras nostalgia is definetly with me now lol. I live close to edmonton so when rayo okc go to play there I'm gonna try and meet him
  16. https://youtu.be/u5M7XR7i88k Check it out, all of Samaras' goals for Celtic.
  17. I think he'd do well there, I don't see him going though. I guess Napoli are looking for a replacement for higuian
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