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Turkey shoots down Russian Fighter Plane

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Thats what I thought too. Leave it up to the war hungry mongols to do something like this. On the bright side, this little "Euro turkey" campaign/show they were putting on for years is being exposed and what we have been saying for years is coming to the light. That turkey is nothing more than a savage islamic state, who is war hungry and has no place in the west. 


The only issue now is that these animals are in Nato. 

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So,  if Greece shot down a Turkey airplane when it enters Greek airspace would be OK?

Just saying, 'cause many wrote in these forum in the past that's exactly what Greece should have done.


This can play out in many ways. Turkey hasn't exactly been going along with the West in the Middle East, especially against ISIL.


What Turkey has had as an advantage since WW1 is its border with Russia, so a long as Russia is considered a western foe, Turkey's role & location is important to the west.

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A Russian rescue helicopter was then shot down shortly after leaving 4 dead. This time it was 'Syrian insurgents' who shot it down.

There is footage of the two pilots aboard the warplane getting shot as they parachute down. There is another video of chants as they discover one of the pilots bodies.

Putin has labeled it a massive stab in the back. He has come out and made statements about Turkey funding Isis as they are trading in deals to purchase Syrian oil. And also said that Isis have been acting so baldly because they have the military support of an entire nation (Turkey).

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Unbelievable they claim a violation of airspace that is rich.

Hey Tsipras time to push NATO on this hypocrisy.

Maybe Obama will grow a pair as well and get Turkey...doubtful but now is the time.

Regime change in turkey is needed they are becoming much more islamic

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Turkey seems to be able to get away with anything atm. First they allow ISIS to thrive in Syria, they kill the Kurds who are fighting ISIS and now they are killing the Russians too. Yet USA and the rest of NATO continue to turn a blind eye. I'm just hoping (but not really expecting) a reaction from Russia.


Maybe now is a good time Tsipras decides to finally do something leftist and remove Greece from NATO.


Hopefully Greece's tourism industry will benefit from worsening Russo-Turkish relations, as many Russians will have to look for places elsewhere from Turkey to lounge around on the beach and get smashed off vodka.

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Sorry, but this is the 21st century guys... Do you still believe in prophecies?  That guy might have led a saintly life but no one can predict the future.  Well, I actually take this back.... I predict that I'll have Chinese food for dinner! :lol:


Anyway, back to the topic...   I'm not sure Turkey shot down a Russian warplane by orders of the gov.  The violation isn't a serious one to warrant such an action. Turkey would be risking too much in my opinion without a clear benefit.  Of course, the wild card could be Erdogan who's a magalomaniac like Putin.

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My tarot card/plam reader is more accurate. And, who can forget Nostradamus? He predicted everything, everything I tell you.

tsk :1eye:


Anyway, today, both countries are downplaying the incident. Turkey apologized. Russia said no retaliation other than tell Russians not to visit Turkey.

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Sorry, but this is the 21st century guys... Do you still believe in prophecies?  That guy might have led a saintly life but no one can predict the future.  Well, I actually take this back.... I predict that I'll have Chinese food for dinner! :lol:



Me too. Kung Pao Chicken. :D



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So Turkey shoots down a jet belonging to the mighty Russians with impunity but is it any surprise Turkey carries a lot of clout, they are the darlings of NATO and loved by the UK and US governments among others and they have NATO right behind them, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation which has swallowed up members who are nowhere near the North Atlantic and have former Soviet States bordering Russia among their members despite the fact that NATO and the west gave Russia promises - cast iron guarantees - after the break up of the Soviet Union that NATO would not expand to Russia's borders, meanwhile its emerged that Turkey violated Greek airspace 2244 times in 2014 alone, given that there was only 365 days in 2014 by my maths that means in 2014 Turkey were in Greek airspace pretty much all day everyday, now the president of NATOs biggest and most powerful country has come out and said Turkey has a 'right to defend itself', shame Greece doesn't have that same right eh Barak ol'boy.

Is it any wonder that the uneducated lazy Greek kafenio conspiracy type don't like Greece being part of NATO. 


Another story has emerged alleging Erdogan's son is personally profiting hugely from sales of ISIS controlled oil, this was also alleged a while back by Turkish sources before Erdogans clamp down and prosecution of journalists recently. Erdogan is obviously not happy with Russia's airstrikes on ISIS targets as it may interfere with his family business.



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 - greece does have the same right, it's greece itself that chooses to keep it's hands in it's pockets. poster gobekli, posted an article and interview with a top greek military officer who doubts that greece's '10x6' battle with turkey would hold up in intl. court, not kafeneio court of the 3 brikia. the majority of incidents occur in this grey zone.


the other incidents of outright territory infringement...well, who do you blame? once again, are the americans handcuffing greece? is this who we blame because we can never blame greece for anything? syria shot down a turkish f-4 fighter a few years ago...they defended their airspace, so, why don't we? 


as far as nato...those that protested the usa the other day in greece should form a peace and friendship delegation and go to poland, the baltics, romania, bulgaria, hungary, czech, slovakia and tell them they are all wrong about russia and have no idea how terrible things are under the usa umbrella and how things would be beautiful under the loving hand of moscow.


we invented democracy so this means that we know better about their affairs their history than they do.

So NATO is a force for good, the exporters of democracy whose role it is to police the world and keep those scheming Russians in check, it's now trying to export its democracy to Syria in order to remove a Russian puppet and install its own puppet, like in Ukraine and then they can tell the lao that it was an organic uprising against a dictator that's killing his own people while at the same time NATO members like the US & UK can continue to sell arms and cattle prods to dictatorships in Saudi Arabia Bahrain and Qatar to keep their very own protestors in check whilst screaming about other nations that are run by Russian puppets. 


Can you imagine the outcry from the self pure peace loving nobel peace prize winner Barak Obomber and his NATO chums if Russia had conducted itself in the manner that the Saudi's are in Yemen with US and UK made equipment? Funny how we here nothing on the news about the slaughter of Yemenis by the Saudi military.  Obomber's and NATO don't seem to be too concerned about events there. 


BTW There were protests recently against US military parades in Czech Republic Slovakia and Poland, just because these nations dislike Russia does not mean they want to align themselves with the 'west' and have to put up with the US army showing off their shiny new toys there. 





"We did not want this situation to happen, but everybody has to respect Turkey?s right to defend its borders,"



Erdogan told his own parliament in 2012


"A short-term border violation can never be a pretext for an attack,




Maybe NATO would have defended Greece the way it has defended Turkey if Greece shot down a Turkish plane that violated Greek airspace for a few seconds. 

You'd have to be naive to believe the AEK. 

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Russia is apparently going to place economic sanctions on Turkey in response to the shooting. Not the most aggressive move, but still could have consequences.


At first I thought this would be good for Greece, since Russia would have to do more trading with other nations. But then I remembered Greece's trade with Russia is already restricted by the bloody EU's economic sanctions on Russia.


I'm surprised Putin would be willing to do this to one of their biggest trading partners, considering that their trade with the EU is already limited by a different set of sanctions.

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that is nato x nato, not nato x russia. i would suspect that the bigger nato powers would coerce both nations to go to intl. court to settle the dispute (10x6) once and for all, or, one or the other would have to get the boot from nato. you can't have alliance members shooting each other's planes down.

Perhaps Greece could test your theory by violating Turkish airspace, besides in an earlier post you blamed Greece for sitting on their hands allowing Turkey's violations. 

I doubt an international court would be required, the less useful nation would be told in no uncertain terms what the outcome would be, and in this case we know who that is. 


for the most part, our modern politicians have been schooled in evil nato nations, yet, make puzzling geopolitical decisions. the politicians aren't dummies, to keep getting elected and to continue enjoying candlelight suppers at the treasury's expense, they need to make the great greek lao happy.


making them happy is kissing serbia's and russia's collective popo.

You don't need to be smart to be an elected Greek politician(just lie well), Tsiparas is living proof, besides elections in Greece are meaningless as are referendums, why vote when those you are electing are not contractually obliged to do what they profess? Again Tsiparas is living proof, doesn't say much about voters really does it.

The point I was attempting to make is the hypocrisy in NATO and how it takes the moral high ground I find reprehensible.


Quick question, if 2 years ago(before anyone had heard of ISIS) parliament hadn't blocked Cameron's attempts to bomb Syria, what would Syria look like today? My guess would be it would be another failed state like Libya. Remember the guys we were itching to assist 2 years ago those anti Assad forces have spawned into ISIS, Cameron wanted 'our boys' to fight alongside them.

Fast forward a couple of years UK France and the US are itching to bomb again, this time ISIS, but you can bet the real target is Assad, they want him out at all costs while they prop up other despotic regimes. 

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 - the earlier post is easily understood. the blatant infringements - by air or sea, we keep our hands in our pockets. i have no issue with taking down an intruder 20 miles in - the lower percentage violations...though apparently, greece does? the bulk of infringements which do test the '10x6' arguments, chances are the powers make us both go to an intl. court if we shoot something down and we may lose. hence, it's understandable if greece wishes to avoid such, orders have been given not to shoot them down.


i don't understand intl. law to form and argue a position one way or another...i won't pretend to...but powerful people in greece have expressed their opinion that we will probably lose our argument.



defeatism 101...victim complex 201. who is the usless nation between turkey and cyprus and cyprus hasn't won recent cases due to not having the law on their side or they are more useful than turkey??? they can't be, because you are inferring that turkey is clearly more useful than greece...unless cyprus is more useful than all?


my issue would be who would enforce a decision? we have seen turkey snub it's nose at eu courts' decisions.


i'm not a fan of recent greek geopolitical moves and once again, the great greek lao is starting to try and steer the govt. into russia's camp on this. clearly a loser, from all angles. the russians don't want a war for a ridiculous reason (but they are cultivating a moscow/damascus/tehran triangle - hey, where's athens??) that they can't win and the greeks will successfully plead and chant russia into war?

NO one is suggesting they want Russia to bomb Turkey, at least I wasn't, the point is with the goings on in Syria Turkey is more useful to NATO than Greece and are allies to the US and UK, Greece are irrelevant and are treated as such, Cyprus' geographical position makes them very useful but regardless of who 'owns' Cyprus the British bases will remain and the UK will use the Island as they please. 




as far as the rest, if saddam and gaddhafi are still in power and assad is left alone...yes, there is probably no isis. yet, any anti-nato/anti-usa poster would be posting about hypocritical nato allowing those despots to thrive, steal, kill and intimidate - as some posts now complain about the saudis.

Oh I see, anyone that points out NATOs atrocities is an 'anti NATO poster' after all they're trying their best and can't export democracy everywhere. They've destroyed Libya and Iraq and are attempting to do the same in Syria but as we do business with other regimes which are far worse than Assad and we prop them up. It's funny Assad has been in power since around 2000 yet only in the last couple of years have people began too flee his regime, perhaps its NATO they're fleeing, just like in Libya.

None of these countries were a threat to NATO or any of its members, the only reason i pointed out Saudi's Bahrain etc is precisely because of NATOs policy of intervening in the name of so called democracy. 

But hey what do I know I'm just an irrational anti NATO poster so I would say that wouldn't I. 

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