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  1. WW3 incoming? U.S have done nothing about their rabid dog. What's going to happen to their military bases and nukes aimed at Russia? Putin making moves to make himself and his oligarch buddies wealthier. #Putinistheleaderofpeace #Orthodoxbrotherhood+IslamofascistErdogan
  2. Calling out Red Sheriff and other "Greeks should pay", "it's all Greece's fault" supporters. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted in here yet... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/07/28/imf-admits-disastrous-love-affair-with-euro-apologises-for-the-i/
  3. You do realize that being in the Eurozone, Greece can't print any of it's own money, correct? So how did Greece get more money without increasing productivity or revenue? How did Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal? How did all these countries, at the same time, all see increases in their property market and stockmarket and all crash at the same time? Then your rationalization as to why a bankrupt, nepotistic, corrupt, dysfunctional state should receive loans to the tune of 100% of GDP to pay off debt of 160% of GDP, is what exactly? The political and wealthy class have no incentive to change th
  4. This is the Greek League. Speculation/reality are pretty much the same. I don't see Meli putting any of his own hard earned cash into the team. Fixing the Levadiakos game to make money to invest for next year is no big deal really. We lose 1 game, and don't have a chance to make CL groups so... The Greek League is a house of cards and needs to take the weight of another fat ass selfish drug mule/heroin pig. Why would anyone invest their own money in this shithole? At least Vaggelara can watch his team in the CL and be content with seeing success on the stingy investment he makes.
  5. The Euro's would send billions of... euros to Greece and every other country that requested them. What a magical organisation the EU is. You want money? You want money? You got it. WHO ELSE WANTS MONEY?!?!?! Of course German and French banks wanting a higher rate of return on idle capital didn't add fuel to the fire by buying bonds in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain which fuelled asset bubbles in real estate and the stockmarket right? They can never be accused of wrongdoing. As our other friend tells us: It's Greece's own fault! I love this line. Investment bankers gamble on gambles and
  6. Would anyone care if this guy set up the 3-0 against Levadiakos and made 20mil euro and invested it in the club? I wouldn't.
  7. If the stations are in financial trouble then this makes sense. Whether he does or doesn't give them a licence it will look suspicious.
  8. I'm still not buying it because of what I mentioned above. Turkey might be growing but "per capita" Greece supposedly has twice the living standards than both Russia and Turkey. The same red tape bureaucracy, tight media control, basically, the same problems that we have, Turkey and Russia have. Their bourgeois might be smarter in protecting themselves, their assets and, in essence, their country, but the regular citizens are the same. The Turks have a pseudo-dictator running the state, just like Russians have a oligopoly/dictatorship. Both nations have tight media control, censorship, ass
  9. Greece has a "bloated" public sector: Figure 21.1 Employment in general government as a percentage of the labour force (2000 and 2008) Figure 21.2 Employment in general government and public corporations as a percentage of the labour force (2000 and 2008) In other words, Greece has public assets, that are making a profit, which would sell cheap during a financial crisis to "pay off external debts" which can't be forgiven. Yet selling a revenue making asset for short term gains, which is what Varoufakis and other notable economists bring up, is cutting our
  10. I'm not only anti-osfp I'm also anti-GSL. Every year I follow it less and less. I don't see how my analogy is "cute". All the clubs in the Greek League, in order to be successful in the past 20 years, depended upon ONE sole sugar daddy. If you think United, you think Ferguson. If you think Arsenal, you think Wenger. If you think Bundesliga, you think fan ownership. If you think Barca, you think tiki-taqua/Messi. You think Real, you think wealth/Royal's club/bla bla bla. What's happened in the League all these years? Clubs have received less and less revenue. Aris, Paok, Pao, everyone. A lot
  11. I'm not quite convinced because if you look at Turkey and Russia, they're similar in their autocratic style of rule under Putin and Erdogan. Both heads of their nations, (Erdogan for 11 years, Putin for 17 years), both have subdued and silenced their opponents, both have censored their media, both have used the state to make themselves and their friends rich, both have subverted the law, both limit the internet, both control state media, etc, etc. Some similar muddled s%$#! has occurred in Greece too. See the thing with the sanctions on Russia, imposed by the EU-US, only
  12. Sad... hasn't had a club for a few months. Practically finished at 30.
  13. If the acronyms mean nothing that who is behind these political groups? The ideology is all the same. You give the idea of true representative democracy too much credit. What Syriza said before they gained power was completely different to what Syriza are doing. Yet the people voted in Syriza before they promised one thing and did another. Twice. You think Europe wasn't sweating under Varoufakis' speeches and intentions? As soon as they pushed favourable changes for themselves in Greece, Varoufakis was left with nothing, and quit. There's nothing wrong with agitation, especially when you're
  14. *Insert example of a private lawyer poorly representing their client* One example does not represent the whole.
  15. That is a weird definition. You could say that modern Greece was founded by terrorism since the Ottomans never authorized the upheaval. Then again if you argue that revolutions aren't terrorism then what's to say that any actions of a terrorist aren't revolutionary?
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