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  1. Curious to see how Mavrias does with Sunderland this year as allardyce appears will give him a shot. I believe he can be a critical player for Greece as he is a complete winger. Does well with ball delivers some set pieces and tactically defends and covers well. Hope he has a good season as that would provide another option with speed in the squad.
  2. Work also going on to improve all dressing rooms press boxes 16 new suites, better spectator bathrooms and accessibility in and out of the stadium. Basically, they are doing everything they can now without the license, as the license deals with new structures.
  3. Renovations in Toronto on their soccer stadium are being done in 2 phases in the off season only with the team starting on long away games schedule to complete the work. So the timetable and when the work gets done is based on the nature of the work. I see no issues on this front, unless things don't start after the playoffs.
  4. So I read an interview with Barba Savva and he says that silva was dazed when the water hit his back and acted like a man unlike Anastasiou who was faking it when he got hit in the face with the cup. And then they wonder why people hate these F***ers. Do they not realize the hypocrisy of the words they speak. Utterly unbelievable piece of s%$#!.
  5. Don't forget Petsos just signed with werder Bremen.
  6. Loved the dive by fortounis looking for a penalty but got a yellow. This isn't Greece Kosta!
  7. Any updates? Also, you would think the super league would help AEK build their stadium along with all other clubs. Oh wait, I think that's an oxymoron
  8. Yup that is why the pressure on corruption needs to stay at the top of mind for all
  9. That's why it is critical to push our own narrative, but that takes leadership and skill
  10. Unbelievable they claim a violation of airspace that is rich. Hey Tsipras time to push NATO on this hypocrisy. Maybe Obama will grow a pair as well and get Turkey...doubtful but now is the time. Regime change in turkey is needed they are becoming much more islamic
  11. Why there are corruption investigations going in Greece!
  12. Answer this...who is more corrupt?
  13. Crazy game they need to finish the job
  14. Price has to get one sooner or later, why not now.
  15. 2-1 now let's go big one tomorrow afternoon
  16. They need to sweep their home games as I believe they can take one in KC
  17. Great game and series comeback. Key is Price, if he finds his game lookout. Could it be Jays v Cubs? If so, I will need to hideout at home and watch and not venture on the streets of Chicago.
  18. I believe pelkas, stafylidis, Kapino and kitsiou could be on this team but I could be wrong. Hopefully in the future they use the best players available if they are not used on the men's team e.g kapino
  19. Sky dome will be rocking that's a certainty
  20. Jays looking good so far
  21. If Romo and Dez were playing the game would have been very different. Not sure of a win but it would have been a nail biter. The Dallas D had a lot of pressure with a proper offense the game would have been fun.
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