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Since the hire, I have a positive feeling about Skibbe unlike the time when Ranieri was hired I was skeptical but I still thought they would qualify for the Euro.


Same, my gut instinct is telling me this will work really well.

We have to wait a few matches to decide BUT


he seems very keen to make his Greece campaign THE defining campaign of his career. Good vibes indeed.

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Is Skibbe able to motivate this group? I have been saying this ever since Ranieri was terminated.

Whomever is coaching this team needs to get in to their heads. He needs to put the fear in to them. To motivate them. If it calls for physically slapping a few of them around, so be it.

There is nothing wrong with the playing talent. You can't play for Serie A, Bundesliga clubs, UCL, Benfica etc and then put in petformances like what we've all experienced since the WC.

There is something deeply wrong with the psychology in this group. They are the walking dead. There has to be a circuit breaker. I'm not sure what exactly should occur, but Skibbe needs to be seen by his decusions that he's no one's puppet.

Vydra, Samaris, Tziolis, Mitroglou and Moras should never be picked again.

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The Supercoach has done it again! Leicetser City sit at the TOP of the EPL ladder. Not long ago they were at the foot. Ranieri with players that want to play, has shown his class again! Goes to show what experts we all are, ah ha ha ha.

His current players don't own mirrors or curl brushes and are banned from smoking cigars and telling girls they are national team players and post selfies. True facts!

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I think you a partially correct when we lose to the Faroe islands and the luxembourgs,


but of course if the person in charge dose not select our best players


and instead treats the national team like an experiment than he too is also responsible.

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I didn't mind Katsouranis at all. If we didn't botch the Euro campaign I would be down for him to play 30-60 minutes a game as a starter or super-sub.


I think his handling during the campaign was pretty disrespectful since he was almost as important to us as Karagounis IMO.

Karagounis being a bit more important but still HUGE for us.


A CDM has a longer shelf life than a RB like Seitaridis. Seitaridis in his prime was stellar, nevertheless.

We probably should have groomed him to be a CB in a more disciplined way. Like Ramos or Lahm as CDM (he'd be a CB if he was bigger/stronger)


Wow there's people who's memories go before EURO 2016 Qualification Campaign. 

The guy is considered a f*cking Benfica Legend (or at least good player) , in one of Benfica's good eras. Who the fuk are we Olympiakakides, Panathinaikakides , Aektzides and Paokia to judge him really ?

No "useless" player ever goes to Portugal to play a friendly with the Greek NT and has a

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Ranieri was hired on 07-24-2015  and he showed up (5 days) before the match against ROMANIA


according to media reports  .


Maybe it would have made sense to come to Greece a little bit earlier and get organized. 

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I'm more with 1789's vision of where our NT should be


we have different players now with different strengths. We can't cling to the past


The only real 'tinkering' for us to find success again is to utilize attacking mids (eg) Fortounis), rather than scrape the bottom of the barrel to try to find wingers (our wingers are OKAY but they aren't the caliber of the rest of our NT and just drags down the caliber of the rest of the team.

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Salpingidis, Samaras, Karagounis, Katsouranis, Maniatis were all important during our world cup campaign.


All missing from action in our new campaign. That's 5/11 of our regulars gone.

+ we didn't have the best of luck with injuries.


I'm still extremely optimistic for the world cup campaign.

This euro campaign will probably give our players emotionally fuel and a chip on the shoulder to stamp the Ethiniki back into the top 15.


I really like our top players. Sokratis, Manolas, Samaris, Mitroglou, Karnezis, Fortounis in particular. The Bosnia vs. Greece match will be epic.

Manolas & Pjanic already have bad blood at the club level. Let's see if Manolas can nullify him, it's not beyond him.

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I don't feel optimistic about our World Cup campaign. I personally think we will finish anywhere between 3-4.Anyone who says they're optimistic what are you basing that on? Skibbe? The fact we beat Hungary and scored some goals? Or is it when we lost to Luxembourg? Our team is a good 3-5 years away from being competitive again. I don't think this was a fluke what we went through I just think we are a bad team to be honest. It's no coincidence that we have gone through 4 coaches with the same results. We will not qualify for the next World Cup Belgium is going to take first spot and we won't be able to compete with Bosnia, even if we get lucky and tie Bosnia twice Bosnia will spank the other teams except for Belgium and we will barely score a goal or pull out a 1-0 victory so Bosnia will go ahead in goals for and that is the best case scenario. I personally think we will even finish behind Cypress.there is no upside to this team right now.

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what does this mean? that ranieri pushed them all aside?


salpigidis was given a chance from the get-go. he was even named captain after a player vote. salpi was terrible against romania and even worse when he came on against N.I.


samaras played in our first 3 matches out of the 4 that ranieri managed. samaras was woefully unfit and poor.


karagounis retired.


kats didn't have a club and went to india later on, if i remember correctly.


maniatis was out - injured and mandalos played.


xolebas was unfit..had just transfered to roma. fetfa was out with his hernia before they knew it was a hernia. kone had just signed with udinese some 10 days prior to the romania match. 


the fittest were the CBs, samaris, taxi, mandalos. lazaros was fitter than kone, while toro was still exhausted from coming late to roma camp and playing 90 mins, 8 days before the romania match.


Dude i'm aware. I wasn't talking about Ranieri in that particular post.. I'm saying that all the players who were key in World Cup 2014 were on their last legs and/or not present at the same level during the WHOLE campaign. Which alludes the problem was beyond just the coach. DUH!


You basically created a straw man argument. Probably inadvertently, but look it up.

'A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument which was not advanced by that opponent'

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made the mistake to watch some euro 2012 videos. feels bad man...


it's all good man. It's not just the Greeks who are surprised who aren't in. All of Europe is surprised.

That signals that we should rise again. Bad campaigns happen to everyone sooner or later.

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There are many examples in multiple sports of a coach not working out with one team but working with another team, even winning championships after having been fired from another team. Ranieri wasn't right for us.


it's a good way to look at it but Ranieri I think long term would have been right for us. The dude has balls. He played Mantalos from 2nd division AEK. He looks at form + quality not pedigree and that's what has been Greece's weak spot as a team.


Santos did this to a lesser degree as well but had a higher premium on experience.

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