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Corruption In The Greek Sl


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During his presidency, Olympiacos has offered the symbolical amount of 100 000 euros to the Japan earthquake relief fund, and acted in support to the non-profit environmental organization ?Arcturos?,to the pediatric clinics of ?St Sofia? hospital in Athens and the ?General Hospital? in Limassol,in various blood collection campaigns,to Greek and international children?s charities, including 'Elpida', 'Argo', the ?Steven Gerrard Foundation?, to the ?Hatzikyriakos Foundation?, to a Greek union of ten Greek NGOs,

Through the benevolent fund of "Genesios Theotokos" parish in the Athens suburb of Nikaia, Marinakis finances the daily meals of a thousand people weekly.In February 2014, he donated ?500,000 for school repairs in the Greek island of Cephalonia, which was hit by destructive earthquakes.

On June 2012, Marinakis repurchased Greek national debt, with a face value of ?1,364,000 by offering the amount of ?168,590 on behalf of each of Olympiacos' 55 Greek players and employees, to visionary and friend, Peter Nomikos? NGO ?Greece Debt Free? (GDF). Marinakis stated: "Through this act, I wanted to set an example so as to show that we should all support our country during these difficult times. Greeks are patriots and it is high time we show the world what we can do when working as one. Greece can and must go forth".At the time of the donation, each Greek employee corresponded to approximately ?24,800 of Greek national debt, but this amount could be redeemed with a price of around ?3,000.

On October 2013, Olympiacos FC and UNICEF launched a partnership to immunize children in countries that urgently need support. Olympiacos FC will help raise awareness and funds for the Campaign, featuring UNICEF?s logo on the players? jerseys and with the target to raise EUR 2 million over thse next two years. This could result in saving the lives of 50,000 children.

sta @rxidia mas!
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your waffled nonsense does not take ground to the s%$#! platini is in s%$#! for. There is a reason he has been frozen out.

Let me give you a history lesson CHILD

Marseille was in the champions cup final in the early 90s. Bernard tapei fixed the game before the cl final with valenciennes.

Guess what happened , tapei went to jail, Marseille got stripped of their title, and they were chucked in the graveyard divisions of france as punishment. This is what happened then and this is what is happening now and has been happening since only fener got punished by punishing the president to jail and fener being removed from Europe.. Theodoridis family member is in uefa in a role and that is a conflict of interest. Platini and Marinakis is seen with the theodoridis clan in Mykonos for a vaftisi. Now u tell me how the flying F*** this is acceptable or can be ignored.

Why are even bothering in following this sport when the psari vromai apo to kefalli gammoto(UEFA).

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I tell you what pana97 if that thread about corruption gets taken away I will never bait any panathinakos fan in here ever again! Because by you guys having that and slateing the owner and my team, I consider that baiting and trolling by you guys too

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PAO will be called to the sports judge on Wed Nov 25th to explain or plea its case after the police and ref reports are now submitted to the league.


I've been thinking, why should my team (say I'm the owner of a team) should be punished because some fans, even if they wear my team's colors, breake the law? I'm not in control of them. I take reasonable precautions inside the sports venue, but why should I responsible for law & order outside? It's the job of the police or whomever.


Now, if I was the owner, I'd install metal detectors (cheaper than the fines and the bans and the damages to the facilities), and screen every bag, even pat down everyone who enters. Further, I'd ban those convicted of any violence or unsportsmanlike behavior. Nowadays, with technology all this is possible.


I'd make sure the game is played in a civilized atmosphere and would allow families with kids to attend a safe event. I would admit supporters of the opposing team, though initially I'd seperate those who wear colors.


*** I understand that for some people their identity, their purpose is a sports team, but they have to understand they will not be allowed to destroy my team. They would not allow to destroy the experience for the vast majority of the fans. Those who get off with violence, destruction, and mayhem, will not have a place in the stadium. They can go to a bar or wherever to fight with other idiots.


It's amazing to me that after serious violent events just a handful of people get arrested. I wonder how many are repeat offenders. This has to stop. Unless a team is knowingly allowing hooligans to run the show, no club should be punished for the bad behavior that should have been controlled by the monopoly of legitimate force a society has.  


Oh, and as the gov, I'd ban the organized fan clubs if there's evidence they've turned into a base for hooliganism. I'd bet that most of those members really care about their club (mafia style) and not the team, because it's rather evident, the "organized" fans mostly hurt the team they supposed to support.




***This is analogous to this forum. The few who thrive on mayhem and destructive behavior aren't allowed to destroy our experience here. I think 95% of our regular members and posters here are great. I thank you for helping making this forum a nice place to hang out and talk. Cheers. :tup:

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athinaios, I agree that in theory a team shouldn't be punished for the behaviour of supporters.  If for arguments sake, an Arsenal supporter or group of supporters did some crazy s%$#!, I don't think Arsenal the club would get the blame.  And the supporters causing trouble would be in a world of pain.  But, that's based on the premise that the club does the "right things" to stop such behaviour, be it having tickets which require ID, adequate security, cameras etc.


Unfortunately, PAO (and this applies to every club in Greece and all their bone head supporters) don't do everything in their power to stop this rubbish.  All clubs are guilty.  EPO is guilty.  The government is guilty.  What will it take to sort this out once and for all ?  The death of 1, 10, 100, 1000 ???


As my uncle in Thessaloniki once told me, you can go to watch PAOK at Toumba only after you've gotten life insurance, not before.

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Bananas, in the US and many other countries the perpetrators are dealt directly. They're arrested, charged, and processed. They face fines and ban from the game. Soon, people get the message that they can't do whatever they want even if they're frustrated for whatever reason. In result is that 99% of the rest of the fans enjoy the game, plus there's less damage to private and public property.


But, I agree with your observations. However, if they really wanted to solve this ridiculous problem there are ways...

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All they need to so is take a leaf from Poland and do what they did which they are currently trying to do now but hasn't gone ahead yet......


Personally the fans are the least of my worries, if I was an owner and I put money into my team I would want a league where favours aren't done for 1 side only, once I get that sorted then I would work on the fan issue, but an owner cant do it on his own he needs govt, police working with him and since its Greece I don't see that happening.....

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Corruption (as the thread's title) isn't the only problem. Incompetence is the other. The sport (soccer) has been destroyed in Greece and too many people only care how to get revenge against their opponents of all sorts.


Greek police and those who are in change of public safety are criminally incompetent. 99% of the resident citizens have their lives and their properties damaged because of sports violence.


Here are a few short videos of someone discussing the way the police was used. Incredible.


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