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  1. oly played a man up from the 41st, w a bogus first yellow. any oly fan in here still trying to say that oly dont get helped by referees year in and year out need to shut there mouths and stay in there own forums. its bad enough to see ur president is a corrupt heroin dealer, but im sick of hearing u morons saying u dont get backed by refs.
  2. i dont understand why there is even a debate on whose at fault. it starts from the top and works its way down. i see it in my own city of chicago. the day the old man who owned the chicago blackhawks died, and an owner who cared stepped in, we won 3 stanley cups in 6 years. look at the chicago cubs. it was 108 years since they won anything. new owners came in, hired the best gm in baseball, recruited players from their acadamies and won the championship this year... if u want changes to panathinaikos, u must start from the top. Gate 13 messed up by chasing out the family and standing behind alafouzo. gate 13 should have no say in who the president is. they should go to the matches and sing for the players. we dont have a proper medical staff, our scouts are crap, our accadamies have gone to sh*t, and we need to stop relying on players like ibarbo and prajnic to come and save us.. not gonna happen
  3. What the F&@$ how did he call a penalty???? 20 minutes after the play happened... these refs are all jokes
  4. he keeps starting ibarbo, even though he cant score fo the life of him... yet rinaldi sits on the bench and gets subbed in the 80th like thats gonna do anything for us.. why wont they give him a chance. switch it up. if hes good enough to sign, hes good enough to play. and w berg out, today would be the most perfect scenario.
  5. Yep, that's why they have nothing to show for themselves in Europe...
  6. w out the help of the officials and all of epo, this team is NOTHING... Oly is solely responsible for the destruction of the league, the purchases of the passed "6 championships", all that champions league money they stole from every other team of Greece, the illegal heroin that was brought in by there devil owner, the burning down of refs bakery's, and all u can do is sit here and praise there players after the team was exposed today?!? Haha... Wow, just spread ur a$& cheeks open and take it from cambiaso, there Norwegian winger and the rest of the scum that wants to play for a fat f%&@ heroin dealer. Maybe u should go on olys thread and praise there players, I don't come on here to read this junk
  7. Without the help of refs, this team is going nowhere fast... Just shows how much of an impact it is when it's 50/50 officiating instead of what the gavroi have been accustomed to 80/20... Last year, there would've been 10 minutes added time, a penalty given, and larisas goal would've been disallowed...
  8. The only creativity you will see from fortounis is his diving all over the feild..
  9. Can someone tell that paok Sydney to shut up. No one cares about ur religion, or how Greek u are. Ripping on people who live in America. Loser, u know nothing about us. I moved to Chicago when I was 8, how are u anymore Greek then me or my family? Dork, if u don't have football related conversations, then shut up. Ur acting like ur kolokotroni. My god, God bless on Helene u are u dork! Oly is in shambles, they barely got through. There fans(whatever fans were in the stadium) were falling asleep. They suck we still need central defense and another defensive mid. And finishers. Either way, we are progressing. We are improving! And that's great. God bless Gilberto silva!
  11. Greeko, calm down and have a Beer (no pun intended) W out threats to refs, Oly continues to prove that they cannot win. It's the same crap every year, At best, oly seasons usually last till Christmas and then it's over. Panatha has left a name for themselves in Europe. What our eyes have seen, u will never know the feeling. Just because the years of corruption is finally catching up, don't run and blame others. Have a nice day.
  12. Continuing to troll. Second Warning. Phantis Moderating Team.
  13. how can u guys celebrate, u guys were worse than us!!!! PATHETIC,. both sides
  14. Because Essien is a loser. He's gonna go to Saudi Arabia and play. Sell him. Losers, all of em.
  15. This organization has gone to sh!t. Period. There is no justification. 95% of the guys on our team wouldn't have even been on our b squad 8 years ago. Losers, all of them. Anyone in here whose happy about blowing a two goal lead at home to mpaok, or whose even somewhat happy w the way this season has gone needs to go on YouTube and see what this team once meant to Greece and all of Europe
  16. stand by this team? stand by what?since 2011 i havent seen crap. no improvement. this organization is an absolute joke. from the top to the bottom. CRAP.
  17. Losers.. From the president, to the nonexistent gm, all the way down to the players. They are all a bunch of losers.
  18. ITS OVER PANA97. I have always agreed with u, but the dream is over. this was so bad. we ate the goal in the 64th, not one chance on goal after... pathetic. complete embarrasement. LOSERS. THE WHOLE ORGANIZATION.. LOSERS
  19. But guys, alafouzo brought us a fat out of shape leto, 3 loser brazilians, and some other losers. they all suck. everyone must go. EVERYONE.
  20. gate 13 is crossing the line? did u forget why all this bullsh&^ mess happened? u forgot about the 6000 untrained MAT police who were blowing off smoke bombs in front of children and families.. u forgot about the 6000 untrained MAT police who blocked off all the entrances into leoforo the day of the derby? did u forget that they trapped 24000 fans into a stadium for 2 hours just to tell em that the there will be no game? have u forgotten the last 15 years and the corruption that we have had to go through.. These bastards have taken away our sundays. Not just our sundays, Aek, paoks and the rest of the greek league as well.... i hope to god gate 13 finds kontoni, marinaki and the rest of the cowards from epo and they rip them all a new a$$hole. F*&k the system F@#k the police F&%k gate 7 and F%@k whoever supports this league and all the corruption in it V. MARINAKIS SELLS HEROINE. have a nice day
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