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Corruption In The Greek Sl


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You have to love Gagatsis the former Kokkalis yes man... The only reason he is talking now about paragkes is because his son is with PAOK. In a perfect world, where justice comes down hard on the Gavs, Gagatsis too goes to jail.

Or is he ratting out his former masters to avoid such an outcome...?

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Another testimony from a ref, who says Oly has had the benefit of most refs in Greece.




Yes, gavroi have better players, but they get tens of millions of euros from the CL every year, and in order to do that, they had to be Greek champions.


The greatest complaint I have, regarding our club, is that Tzigger did nothing to protect the club. A man of his economic power let our team unprotected. Also, with Pateras and the rest of his cohorts who helped the club for a couple years and then abandoned it, because their little dicks got in their way of their brains.


Football as a brand has been damaged in Greece, but I wonder why don't the other teams (most of them)  start another league without gavroi.

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