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Anybody having problems registering should contact me. Send an email to: theforums AT phantis.com


This is the the explanation that I came across for those experiencing a screen like the one above.


These forums have an automated SPAM protection service (third party). It is possible that the IP address or network address of the person that tried to register has been blacklisted from this SPAM service as having been the host of Spambots in the past. There's nothing I can do about that.


So, send me an email and provide with the username of your choice. I'll do my best to complete your registration as soon as I can.


For those stuck in validation: Check your spam folder. That's where the validation email ends many times. If you still can get it working, send an email to the address above...

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Very pleased to see Taxman join us here.

Sorry that Takaros banned you but I'd like to see what it is his banning these days without any forum to go too.

Thrylos fanatic has his cat do the typing for him. He's a dyslexic idiot and one should be sympathetic to those with learning disabilities but he's an a**hole so no .

Now go find pash and tell him to quit stalling. He needs to be here.

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So, does anyone have any idea what the hell happened in the last few days ?  I could see Attilio was acting erratically from around the moment he started banning long time posters.


I get that he may have been fed up or had his own reason for stopping the site, but why so suddenly ?  It was basically a big f**k you to all the former gs community.  Did he really have it in for everyone ?  Did we wrong him so badly ?  A simple "the site will be closing down soon so start preparing guys" would have sufficed.  As for the selling of the former site, what does "serious offers only" mean ?  A dollar ?  A million dollars ?  Is it even worth anything at all ?


Maybe we'll find out one day (or not) what really happened to set him off but it sure was a stupid way to handle things.

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He said that he got the email and it says that it is waiting for an administrators approval


I had the same problem.  pash needs to send an email to "theforums@phantis.com".  Once I did this, Lazarus got back to me in a few hours.

See #69 on this thread.
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