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Panathinaikos - Skoda Ksanthi


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after bad result with Larisa.. pao is going back to Leoforo and plays against Skoda Ksanthi.. Ksanthi looks bad at this season and i think we gonna win.. easily with high score... Ninis might play!! :tup:

- Saturday, December 1

- 19.00 at Leoforo (local time)

- ERT world (live)

- Matchday 10


12. Skoda Ksanthi 8 (0-2-2 AWAY)(4-6 GOALS AWAY)

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fairly well? we completely dominated the first half. we had 9 shots they had one and it was from 30 meters. ball possesion is 73-27 for us and we had 9 corners to 0 for them. we missed 3 great chances and the ref missed an obvious penalty.

if we continue this way, we are bound to score a goal.

i hate games like this. it usually makes the attacking team open up even more and witha quick counter the other team gets a few chances and maybe even a goal. if we get scored on first.. game over.

in a game where it should of been 3-0 at the half, it looks like we will struggle to score a goal.

its a shame though, i would of loved to have a 2 or 3 goal lead by the 65 or 70th minute, that way we might have seen Ninis.

great game from ivan and dimoutso and mantzios seems to have lots of confidence.

i would like to see Matos push up a bit more and force them to pull back another attacker.

salpi is real good and sariegi so far has been surprisingly good. first time i seen him get to the ball first and cut off every chance that goes near. Seric is completely transformed from his past two seasons. if this was the way he played the last two seasons, we would of been saying what a great transfer

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