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  1. F***in hell I bet money on this team once and we are losing hahaha F***in idiots. You think the barca lose would wake them up. Win 4-2 u malakes!!
  2. These clowns better win by more then 2 goals today after the rape fest barca put on them. Oh plus I got money on the game don't mess this up PAO! Lol
  3. Tzorvas F***ed that goal up. He thought it was going out. Nice goal by cisse. But we should be winnig this game handely
  4. I can't stand racism. We see it in Spain allot but when I see it in Greece I feel so mad and at the same time ashamed. Cisse said if he knew it was like this he would never have come to Greece. See that's the type of s%$#! we don't need. Just because of a few dumb fans we are gong to get lumped in with those racist ass people from Spain. This is when the Greek soccer league needs to kick out fans for that racist s%$#! and they need to start hitting the teams with bans and make them lose points then it will stop.
  5. We need to come out strong this year. 1-3 pao. Cisse, salipi, kara with goals. Let's put a stamp on this season. Our D better shape up though. We really should sign seitaridis already man he would be sooo much better then any rb we have now :(
  6. Alright let me get in on this for this season. Thanks niko for setting this up. Ok here we go:
  7. you guys are acting like if we sign this kid he will start on our big club which is not going to happen. He will be loaned out for a year or 2 and if/when he is ready then will be brought in. It is us just acquiring young talent and he will not cost us that much. If he pans out great if not so what. You need to take chances on these young players to see if you find a diamond in the rough type player.
  8. Ugh I absolutely hate Ben Haim. This the same guy that got slapped by Rooney and went down like he got shot LOL. Oh well he is a good defender but I can't stand him ;)
  9. http://goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2009/07/0...ce-again-report Looks like we are going after Cruz again :rolleyes:
  10. http://www.goal.com/en-india/news/222/tran...defender-carlos News on the Marchena front. Seems as though we didn't really make a concrete offer for him. Also this little article http://www.goal.com/en-india/news/2175/la-...lencia-defender says that Atletico is now in the running for Marchena also. So let's scratch this defender of our list guys. Too bad I would have loved to have him wear Green.
  11. ^^^ The reason Seitaridis is not in a green jersey already is because certain ppl in our management don't want him back from what I'm hearing. The guy wants to come back to PAO and they are dicking him around. Euro that is the exact lineup I was telling some friends I would want for PAO as well lol that would be sweet.
  12. Why should they be the past few years we have been feed crap by the management and players and no results to show. Yes we made it this far but we should be able to get out of the group stage and at into the next rounds all the time.
  13. What do you expect them to do? We have done nothing much this season.
  14. damn it was a nice run guys but i think we are cooked
  15. very very bad showing by the ref and his assistants. The penalty given was an off foul on our def man and we had another goal not called(I'll give them that one but the pen was horrid) Also after Gilberto got the yellow he turned very biased against us poor showing from the ref. Whatever 1-0 would have been amazing but 1-1 is nothing to be pissed at I guess. We can beat these clowns in Athens if we show up and play with pride.
  16. Heard the little Brazilian we just got also injured himself in this game <_<
  17. Thank God he is actually playing. We need Mattos to start playing again as well. Stupidity by this coach for not using them this year is beyond me :tdown:
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