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OK but whats the catch? How would Real Estate and other banks make profit from it?

for starters they can profit from it by leasing the stadio

i think this project is also suppose to expand the Toumba area into a business area and that will increase the property value of that area

but these are my assumptions

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The banks and real estate companies would control the various shops and businesses that would be part of the new stadium for the next 50 years. The bad part of the deal is that Toumba will no longer be the property of AS PAOK (Erasitexnis PAOK). The land where current Toumba sits is a very valuable piece of property. That's why the various real estate interests are buzzing around Goumenos and PAOK to develop this new stadium.

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The turf at Toumba was removed yesterday, and withing few days a new turf will be installed. The hope is for the new turf to be ready by the game with Iraklis, which will most likely take place on September 22.

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:LOL: Good one

yesterday I was watching the Bears - Bengals pre-season game at Soldier Field in Chicago, and the field was horrendous. A lot worse than the one at Toumba for the Spain game.

Why am I bringing this up? Because next week at the same stadium, the US will host Brazil with all its superstars.

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