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  1. the bagdatis match is on tonight...and his playing lubijic. (i mean tonight as in tonight in melbourne)
  2. I got a bad feeling about this whole new stadium thing, I definetly don't want it to be built.
  3. Things aren't looking to good, they'll look even worse if Goumenos builds the stadium.
  4. Boys whats going on? I don't see what the problem is, although Greece and Cyprus are two different countries as far as im concerned they are like brothers. I'm Greek and im supporting Baghdatis. Hollywood, if you saw the match with Baghdatis you would have seen all the Greek flags that the people that were supporting Baghdatis were using. PEACE
  5. I don't think PAOK will have a new stadium until we get a new owner. Nothing big or important will ever happen at PAOK with Goumenos running everthing. What would it take for PAOK to have a new president? Besides someone buying the club which i dont think will happen.
  6. hi guys, im a massive paok supporter and i was trying to get onto that site to get videos of paok V olympiakos, but for some reason i can't. can sombody plzz put the paok videos VS olympikos on this forum. plzzzzzzz
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