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  1. Great start to the playoffs for our team; I thought Lagos, Georgias, and Diop played great ball. Let's keep it up on Thursday!
  2. My friends; I think the problem here goes deeper than just football. Constant labor strikes, poor economic state, and constant youth rebellion equal an unstable culture. Unfortunately, there is no respect for authority in Greece.
  3. What can you say? This one was lost before the team entered the pitch. The worst line-up decisions for a coach of Manolo's nature. Where do I start? Manolas as RB with Georgeas on the bench? Lybe on the bench to start? I still can't understand why we even waste our time with Baxa; the guy sucks. Disappointing in every aspect. What ticked me off even more was there were no changes made after we ate 3 goals in the first 20 minutes of the game. What the hell was Manolo thinking? Awful, awful, awful coaching. I understand the players must play with passion and strive to win; but how can you when most of your lineup is playing out of place?
  4. Guys.....I've become frustrated with Himeneth of late. I can't understand how he could leave Blanco on the bench in our biggest game of the year against PAOK. He is making the same mistakes as Ferrer; consistently changing the starting line-up every game. I understand he's trying to give players a chance, but some of this is common sense. Baxa, as of now, has been a bust. Manolo brought him over, and is trying to prove his worth, but play him against smaller clubs. In all honesty, i'm not seeing much of a change since Bajevic has left. The only difference now; we are winning on the road and losing points at home. In my opinion, let's get a Greek coach in the off-season. I wouldn't mind seeing the recent coach from Olympiakos Volou who resigned a few weeks back.
  5. Until this club can win games on the road; we will never contend for a championship. It doesn't matter who the coach is, we need players who can perform consistently on a weekly basis.
  6. Time to move on.....I'd like to see Kostenaglou back as our coach
  7. It's time for Blanco to return to his form from 2007-2008. He needs to start scoring. Missing bunnies and penalties won't help; I hope he can regain his confidence. We'll need him down the stretch.
  8. This stuff only happens in Greece......can you imagine a NFL team in the United States having to find another home to play their regular season opener??!! Un-freakin-believable!
  9. New year.....fresh start....let's go AEK. We need to take advantage when Oly and PAO drop points.
  10. Any confirmation with a Kyriakos injury? Or is Otto really that stupid to leave him on the bench?
  11. This is pathetic.....What the hell is Rehhagel thinking with this line up
  12. Even though Manolas goal should have counted, we had a huge missed opportunity with Nemeth (twice) and a great save on Kafes' header by Nikopolidis. I'm not sure about everyone else, but today's starting 11 was a shocker to me. It didn't make sense; and it showed with our performance in the 1st half. I was skeptical of Bajevic's intentions. Hopefully we can beat Aris on Wednesday to stay afloat in the playoffs.....
  13. The problem with Scocco is he doesn't show up for most games. Bajevic should sub him out more often then Leonardo. It seems just when he get's his game going, he gets subbed out! It should be a great game next week in Toumba. I hope to see Manolas on our backline; it would be great experience for him.
  14. Great way to start the year off for AEK! Defense looked solid, with Majstorovic and Alves in the middle. Also, great to see soooo many Greeks on the pitch for AEK! At the end of the game, there were 6 of us out there! Bravo Dusan!
  15. Instead of blaming Demis....how come no one ever mentions that dirt bag Psomiadis that put AEK into a financial disaster? Always blaming Demis; it doesn't make sense. As for the rest of this season, it's time to get our younger talent some experience. I'd like to see more of Manolas, Gentzoglou, Rikkas, Lagos, Pavlis, Tachtsidis, etc.
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