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I really liked this thread, where ever did choc13 go?

im still here dude,,,just havent been posting for a while but i always read all posts in here better get back into it again i say:)

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greg he may look good scoring gollares along with barbarousis but in greece these 2 were nekroi and absolute duds

fornaroli esparza kai kati sapaki from japan with head band and a kserokefalo m#$%! proponiti anti gia soyvliatzi(fabri)

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On 4/18/2016 at 6:03 AM, Green Man said:

^^^think of it this way..we should aspire to look for berg like quality strikers to come to panathinaikos...id rather have mantzios back then that guy  :lol:

we were spoiled with cisse and then berg. and tbh he was a bit of a dud till he came till us

only other striker that I was jelly of from the other clubs was mitroglou circa 2012-2013 oly

you could make a case for blanco too I guess tho

actually prijovic is very good as well.

if fulham didn't get promoted there was a good chance mitrovic would've come to greek league. if pao wasnt a broke joke we could've got him or maybe paok cuz he's partizan. 

would've been cool if we got dusan tadic. I'm gunna try to sign him as cam to berg in my pao dynasty squad on fifa lol

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