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  1. they never left and are still in control .... the family they are using the xalia to make the ppl that went to the streets regret what they did olloi pseftomala.es we sit here asking alaflouzos to leave , hes a puppet, so is everyone else, wat a wasted excuse of an idea this has become.20 yrs 2titles kai parakalate a family like this to come back hahaha they never left tsakas the media the whole thing is a stimmeno story
  2. i got one thing to say in perfect times the s%$#! we are seeing on the field would not be tolerated by 13 or in general by all pao fans. These days i see choreos i see chants saying "beat aek or we will f... yous" the fans arecall talk no action in other days when olympiakos had petrina xronia eidika after a loss 0-3 in karaiskaki in 95 demis tore them 3 anapoda the fans went to the streets and smashed up the players cars these days we have these mercenary mediocre players who have no clue where they are the players and staff have to answer their mediocrity to us as fans . ego vlepo logia and no action where the hell are those 25.k who went to streets ???????? i went to barsa game in 2010 and sat with organomeni and had this 'kid" telling me to stop filming in 13. When i gave him the death stare he shitted bricks and looked the other way. 13 is nowhere to be seen in football terms , ginane kotes all talk all choreo and no action watsoever that alaflouzos ine gia serious klotsies
  3. they are talking about eglimatiki organosi kai si rotas gia endekades proponites paragontes etc etc wat part dont u dont understand agoraki the prothlima is locked down den exi noima kai den prokite na allaksi tpta
  4. the v family are krifogabroi no other explanation that they opened up like whorebags in 1996 when kokkalis started spending money 20 yrs pap...ries
  5. den mamiete oi karkinogiani mazi me ton alafloro
  6. o papous ekane thlassi o ledesma ekane thlassi otan glistrise giati den bori na stathi sta podia tou, variete pou zi ine zontanos nekros from walking dead ftines xorokseftiles metagrafes ololkliro kalokairi protimasia ping pong kai 1,1 thlassis kai travmatizounte ton kathe kapion sto 70 kai meta sakatimeni omada endaksi tin penaltara den itan alla ti sto diallo egine sto deftero imixrono sto foul sto 2-2, o tixos pidikse anti na stathoune sta podia tous , o steele ekane lathos alla den to perimene na antidrasi etsi oi sibaiktes tou
  7. alaflouzos will dissapear like all the other apatheones who bucklle and bail under heat theyre all benovgeno malakes idia ska.a idia mirodia
  8. asked someone ive known for 13 yrs why its gone he said this:
  9. freezer im a poster on gwf and know many faces there from continual trips to athens and going to their club near leoforos i intend asking individuals as to why that forum is gone as i just noticed i cant even see the page now u mention it
  10. thete seems to be a tough heavy breathed hooligan from sydney who is trying to outfreeze the freezer cant debate with plastic fans? belgium is light yrs in front of us agreed
  11. velic brought over damen ndoye a someone called henk deemed him not good enough
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PyV1KxsgcqU he says it how it is always hear his ekombes
  13. let them sit in their own bubble here they are saying wed jump at the chance of having marinakis and his success hahaha umm he was within an inch of getting killed in leoforos by a fotovolida. you can stick your petsina where the sun doesnt shine id rather an empty trophy cabinet than a fat slob who has only reinvested cl money ( none of his own ) due to compromising the local bbq league along with epo and their satelite teams who open their legs entos kai ektos like the local prostitutes in kings cross
  14. marinakis is implicated has been clamped down like a blow torch coaches flee after winning titles ( red flag???) i think so selling roberto and friends they get the 50-50 against camel fc and lose over 2 legs
  15. for the good of greek football coefficient wise yous must beat these nobodies
  16. why on earth is she taking shots with that son of a bitch we know the alaflouzos has sxesis with olympiakos now she takes shots with that grubby noone
  17. .... the family 7 titles in how many yrs, totally unacceptable the 4-0 cup slaughter in 2007 was the final straw yes we are nowhere but they deserved to be humiliated they are ratbags
  18. ill donate the proceeds of sales from pasatembo
  19. greg he may look good scoring gollares along with barbarousis but in greece these 2 were nekroi and absolute duds fornaroli esparza kai kati sapaki from japan with head band and a kserokefalo m#$%! proponiti anti gia soyvliatzi(fabri)
  20. What do these people have to say now? Who's to blame this time Crying poor about other stuff instead of focussing on our own xalia. I've made the decision to stop watching games any more and keeping tabs via forum
  21. I can't believe this but my old username password still works from 2004 Btw I was choc13 before spirtto13 dunno if I change that
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