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Transfer Rumors for Summer 2005


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I watched yeserday... Portugal-Slovakia (Highlights of 15 minutes)...

I was very interested in that game ...in order to do myself an opinion about Tsontafalsky.... or what ever his correct name is....

In these highlights I can say that Tsontofalsky... did not real impressed me.....

But again he might not had his best days......

We will see..........

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I also read that Feyenord and Lyon are in the picture for 5 mill.

I think Katsourani is gone from AEK, after the Conf. Cup. I believe AEK will get 5-6 Million Euros for his transfer and if they are smart they will put a clause in there that guarantees the club money on any subsequent transfer of the player. W/ the money we will get from his transfer we should be able to get 3-4 straters that are reasonably good to cover our kena.

It will be a shame to see him go but the man desrves his shot on a big European team, as he is currently the best greece has to offer.

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PSV Aidhoven is offering AEK 4,6 million for Katsouranis!!!

They are looking to replace Van Bomel's leaving for Barchelona...

This is great new for Greek football and i suppose average news for Aek....

1) you lose your best player = Bad

2) you get good money = Good

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Well, Katsouranis did something that looks somehow stupid at first glance.

He renewed his contract with AEK a month or two back!

That means he reduces the chances of someone paying the larger sum needed to break the contract.

I, on the other hand, see it also in a different way.

Katsouranis is not old.

He knows he is good.

There also must be offers from foreign clubs long ago and if those are not all public we must assume that him and his manager have a clearer picture of the caliber of the clubs after him

So I think that by signing a contract with AEK Katsouranis actually said:

"I am too good ta stay on ANY bench.

I enjoy playing at AEK and the whole climate WILL keep giving me chances to be seen in Europe and attract the attention of foreign clubs

If I go its better for a BIG club to show they REALLY want me in their first lineup and spend good cash.


I have one thing to add and of course wish for him...


Katsouranis is a very good player. I wish he would stay but if he goes I am sure all AEK fans will be wishing him a great career and a return to the club sometime

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My major worry about Kats leaving is pretty simple.

Say he is sold to a team for 5 mill euros. Thats good money, but we are building a team. He is the leader. A top scorer and arguably our best player. Well, when you sell a player, you hope that you end up making money on the deal, but chances are that you will not pay 5 mill euros somewhere else for another player...

So even for, say, 2 mill euros - where are we going to find a player:

- that is a leader (and the players look up to him and respect him)

- a great player who is typically one of the top players in the game

- a solid scorer (not common for defensive mids)

- young

Im afraid the answer is: we are not going to find another player like this for that price.

And currently, I dont think we have anyone on our team that can instantly take over his responsibilities....

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PSV Aidhoven is offering AEK 4,6 million for Katsouranis!!!

They are looking to replace Van Bomel's leaving for Barchelona...

I heard that they bought young finnish talent Mika Vayrynen to replace Van Bommel. He's young, but they trust in him. That's what I heard.
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