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  1. I have a feeling after all my wish will come true for a 55.000 stadium. Unless an other Greek team does a stadium of this capacity for which I doupt. An at least second 55.000 stadium cappacity, after OAKA is a requirment for Greece to host the Euro 2012. :tup:
  2. Re Pappou den to pisteuw oti telika alaxes gnomi gia to gipedo.
  3. Are Pappou na efhese na ginei kati tetio re! An i periohi tou Votanikou eivai bordelo tote tha anavathmistei kai tha ginei kali periohi. Koita na kanis kamia ependisoula an apofasisti na ginei to gipedo eki giati oi times that ftasoun sta iyoi. :D Oso gia ta sinthimata re megale an pame sto Goudi tha lene oi Gavroi "gamiete o Pao kai to Goudi" so kalitero onoma kai "tou Votanikou o Magas"alla Kai "o antiprosopos tou ellinikou podosferou sto Eliiniko" B)
  4. Pappou let me also add this. Can you imagine having a bigger and better stadium than Osfp? for ex: 55.000 AGAINST 33.000 :D Think of the Gauro faces when something like that happen :LOL: Now everywhere I speak with a Gauro, all they talk is that our team's home looks like a stable, while their's is modern art... Get again I will tell you this truth and think from a gauro point of view. Everybody is saying that the new stadium is perfect but 33.000? ;) Karaiskaki used to hold 45.000 regularly every game, even at the stone years of Osfp. Why the heck the new stadum is so much smaller :unsure: The real deal is that the plans to make the stadium in Kartaiskaki where for at least 40.000 but due to limeted space and cheaper matterials and quicker time to finish the works and quicker profits for kokali all of them resulted in a such small stadium for the team that undeniably has the most funs in Greece. Trust me if Pao bulits a new stadium in Elliniko you are going to see so many funs in the games just out of their love for the team and I bet you will never miss a game to :tup:
  5. Do you know what I do not get with all you Pao fanatics from Athens? Well I do not live in Athens and that is maybe the reason that I am totally wrong, but I honestly do not undersand why everybody hates the Helinico offer while it has all the potenial to become a great stadium (like Athinaios said). Look if Goudi or Votaniko had the same potentials then fine but they certainly don't. For instance I hear all the Pao funs are braging about stuff like a 45 minute ride to the stadium :blink: . Honestly are you that sicked for the team that you would prefer it to be 20 minutes less for the ride :blink:. If you whant everything to be next to your home then foget the game and whatch it on TV. I mean I do not know how much of Pao funs are there around Goudi when they can't fill up the Leoforo stadium. And we are talking that ATHENS of 4.000.000 people !!!!. Does Pao funs exist only in the Goudi and Leoforo area from the entire city ? :blink: ?. Please don't want everything for yourshelvs, when Pao funs like me go to see the team from outside of Athens with way much longer drives !!! In any case my choise if I were to decide would be OAKA or Helinoko. There are a whole lot Pao funs out there every were to go and see the team. If the there are Pao funs that love their team and they are not willing to sacrifice some of their time to see their team then ###### it say home to see the replays to... Look it is just my opinion but the way you all athenians talk makes I feel like I should not be a Pao fun because my house is not lockated near the Leoforo district, and is something that really drives me mad when sometimes I WISH I lived as close as 3 hours to the stadium and I swear to God I woud never miss a game.
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