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  1. Kai thn 8.....kai thn 9...... An paizoume me ton Lybe kai ton Blanco sthn 11ada, exei skeftei kaneis ti 8a kanoume me traumatia yiati yia MIA ALLH fora o Lorenzo <3exase> na ferei trito epi8etiko sthn apostolh.
  2. Kai a3izei na perimenei.....na fygei nyxta o Cesar....einai poly ligos yia thn AEK. Etsi pisteuw me tetoious paixtes dyskoleuoume na paroume koupes. Den a3izei 8esh basiko....kai sta megala derby xanetai poly eukola. Exei mono to aristero tou podi kai apla kanei thn idia kinish ka8e fash. To 8ema einai apla...yia ta lefta pou pairnei, kalytera na ton afhsoume eleu8ero kai na dwsoume th 8esh tou se ena pitsiriki ellina...
  3. ahahahah ti blakeies akouw? Santos chasing hooligans and others sending emails to ORIGINAL. Does anyone care for the facts anymore? Here is a fact for you, the AEK fans take part responsibility, the Cops take MORE responsibility as do the mounia who started this. Instead of reading a headline and jumping like frogs, get the truth and then lets have a discussion. ORIGINAL weren't the ones to ###### over-expose tear gas causing little kids to not see, causing players to be struggling and stinging the eyes of fans. ORIGINAL were also not the ones who stole the ORIGINAL Makrixori banner were they?
  4. Im not so confident about this game......I dont know why but Im expecting a tough match. Having 3,100 fans there should help.....
  5. But what if the club president/leaders hold their clubs up by forking out money continuously?
  6. I dont agree with this. You know why? Because there are mounia out there who will continue pumping big $$$ in to make sure it doesnt fail. They are so hell-bent on proving the traditional soccer followers wrong that they will cover up to give us nothing to bark about.Trust me on this one. FFA wont let it fail.....even if it is. It will just be a cover-up.
  7. I thought I would bring this topic back up.....I mean EVERYTEAM in the world wants a striker who scores 1 goal in 13 games...what a gun! I mean this is the talent the A-League is bringing back to this country. Just guns from the 3rd Division england.
  8. I beleive they did yes. Apart from the year with the tourko where we decided to back away, I think our crowds have been reasonable, hell we even sold some games out...albeit at smaller venues. Im not saying the fans of AEK arnt to blame, because they are, but Filipou hasn't helped one ###### bit.
  9. Agreed....but you two dissapoint me. You might want to tell your mate XXX to take off his PAO signature because the Greek league is such a brothel it may embarass him :rolleyes: FYI its Xristws Kwsths in my avatar and I cant beleive u think Manolas is overated.
  10. Sadly he is part of the reason why our crowds have slumped to such levels.
  11. Is that the best you can do? Next time think about what your saying before you say it. Save yourself the embarassment.
  12. What a win.......disgraceful about the crowd but this team is doing its stuff. Now we are 2-1 with two solid home wins. Absolutely rapt with the performance of the team so far....TAU away next....this is going to be a tough one.
  13. Massive crash test tonight paidia. Zalgiris.....played them last year for a 1-1 return. Great win with Suttgard and a shambles performance with Bologna.....our league form has been consistent, so this game for me is a big test against a middle of the range team. AEK GERA BASILISSA 3ANA
  14. hahahahaha emena fonazete xwriano; ahhahaahhaa Why the ###### should I bother replying when you have morons basing an arguement on a player from the mid-90s who if you ask anyone in here who has been a soccer fan for more than 2 minutes unlike yourselves will tell you was one of the best greek players of that time. Alla kala allo kosmo menete eseis.... Hey can you please cut and paste me where I bagged the country itself? I dont support the football NT, big deal....please deport me! In case you didnt realise, the entire nation stopped to watch it, 98% of which have no ###### clue about football and havent given a s%$#! about the game in this country until 5 minutes ago. So now they are allowed to stay because they jumped on the bandwagon and I must be deported because I do not support the NT so I therefore hate the country. I dont understand your mentality....alla kala you two should ring up customs and let them know my favourite player wears a head band. Im still astonished that was used as an arguement. Na'ste kala paidia....
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