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  1. Who keeps the revenue? Are PAO compromising thier entire future's revenues to get a stadium for free?? This is strangem it sounds like a very bad temr move long term..
  2. I think if Leofors was worth 25bn, PAO would've just sold it, bought a gipedo, egatastaseis, Pires, Adriano and Ronaldinho... and probably start Mitu coz he marks more B) There should be some transparency over these issues..Costs involded, where they come from, and very importantly where the revenue goes!! is Gavros or Kokkalis keepin cash from tickets and commercial activities at gavros? If gavros does, then they should be making a very healthy profit this year..and signings (perhaps a little closer to the rivaldo calibre than the rezic one in the continuum of skills from genious to rubish) should be expected
  3. You forgot: 2006/2007: ..Article 44 application 2007/8: We're trying to work on a 5-year schedule. Dont expect us to win any games until at least 2010. Vokolos and Atmatzidis sign a new 5-year contract. Fratzeskos returns. 1.100 diarkeias on PAOK's first season in the new stadium. Mc Donald's is busier and expands. 2008/9: PAOK are 11th after the first round. Maladenis is their best player. Aggelos said "in May, we'll be well if Panagia wants it" and PAOK fans burn the new stadium after 2009/10: Rumours that Toursounidis is planing the big comeback. 30 diarkeias sold out. If PAOK dont get a srious board who know how to look ahead there is no cure for htis team.
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