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Euro 2024 Group B - Greece - Netherlands (16 Oct. 2023 21:45 EET, Opap Arena, Athens)

Dutch Eagle

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1 minute ago, Brklyngrk said:

We have no shot at 2nd, playoffs it is... to be honest, outside of the last 20 minutes, didn't deserve a win

Didn't deserve to lose either. Fix was in. I'm not usually this guy, but UEFA has a clear agenda here. 

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Even the announcers are saying, maybe one the first one you can justify a little bit, but the second one no way in hell any referee would call that a penalty at that stage in the game.. We didn’t lose because the referee we still couldn’t score a goal but you could see the bias .
I think our team has improved and we are definitely the favourites to win the nations league. Considering we had the hardest group in the euro qualifiers and qualifying was always going to be difficult I got to give props to the boys outside of one terrible game in Holland. We did well.

Poyet deserves to take us to the nations league playoffs.. My only criticism I think he waited way to long to go for it.. 10 minutes was not enough.. Also player selection has been an issue with every coach since Santos left..

Nations league playoffs:

Greece vs Kazakhstan

Latvia vs Luxenberg


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