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ECL-GS-R1: Lincoln Red Imps - PAOK (16-09-21, 19:45 EEST)


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Here's what I see on wiki. Regarding our London-based friend's weirdly disapproving tone - UEFA has been feeling the pressure from teams to increase what's paid out, and that would have only been exacerbated by the "Super League" debacle from a few months ago. If anything, this confirms that UEFA was shortchanging the also-rans all this time.





For the 2021–22 season, group stage participation in the Europa Conference League awarded a base fee of €2,940,000. A victory in the group pays €500,000 and a draw €166,000. Also, each group winner earns €650,000 and each runner-up €325,000. Reaching the knock-out stage triggers additional bonuses: €300,000 for the round of 32(24), €600,000 for the round of 16, €1,000,000 for the quarter-finals and €2,000,000 for the semi-finals. The losing finalists receive €3,000,000 and the champions receive €5,000,000.[17]

  • First qualifying round elimination: €150,000
  • Second qualifying round elimination: €350,000
  • Third qualifying round elimination: €550,000
  • Play-off round elimination: €750,000
  • Qualified to Group Stage: €2,940,000
  • Match won in Group Stage: €500,000
  • Match drawn in Group Stage: €166,000
  • 1st in Group Stage: €650,000
  • 2nd in Group Stage: €325,000
  • Knockout round play-offs: €300,000
  • Round of 16: €600,000
  • Quarter-final: €1,000,000
  • Semi-final: €2,000,000
  • Runner-up: €3,000,000
  • Champion: €5,000,000


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6 hours ago, Athens4 said:

So we made just over €4m. Perfect amount for us to get 34 year old washed-up central midfielder on the last day of the free transfer market.

Kazuyoshi Miura is just what Paok needs right now.

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