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Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2020


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For starters there is a rumor that Zisis Vryzas is coming back to replace Branco as a Tecnical Director. Fake news in my opinion, but nothing will surprise me these days.

I am also of the opinion that transfer period should be used to revamp the roster. Clean up needs to be done.

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Really hope Vryzas isn't the man to replace Branco, if he is we're just going round and round in circles. We had takes a step in the right direction appointing guys like Arnesen, Lubos and now Branco. Although they had varying levels of success they had connections in the European market and a decent reputation where they could pull some half decent players across. 

I do agree though our squad needs a big upgrade, everyone has aged and this was evident from last year. I think if Lucescu had stayed we would have been in the mix for the title (not that we weren't up until the last few matchdays, but I think we probably would've lead for much of the season) Razvan got 2 very good seasons out of this squad, he would've squeezed a third IMO. Abel was trying to teach players upwards of 30 a new style and system to play it was always going to be tough. 

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First of all who is it that posted that ?  Is that an official club statement ?

I don't mind if the club chooses to go this route, but the fan base will need to accept that it'll be unlikely we will win the title.  Possible but unlikely.  When you look at the team last season, it was made up experienced players that Lucescu got the best out of.  But importantly, they were well paid and we got the quality we paid for.  Gone are the days of paying players 250K or 300K and expecting to win the title.  All of a sudden we were paying 500K minimum and many players around 750K.  A handful of players were making 1M plus.  Lo and behold we won our first title in 34 years.  You can't tell me budget didn't play a massive role.  If we lower our budget too much we won't be challenging for the title.

Then there is FFP rules.  If this can't be avoided, then it is what it is.  The budget will need to be lowered.  As to how that's achieved time will tell.  The obvious ones are Matos, Mauricio and Vieirinha all of whose contracts are expiring at the end of the season.  I would like to resign Matos and Vieirinha (obviously!) but I don't know if they will want to have their salaries lowered.  It's inconceivable they will find a better salary elsewhere so the club has that bargaining position on their side but never discount the power of ego.  They may just get upset if they feel they are being undervalued or are unhappy with the proposed contract length.  Vierinha is a special case I suppose but it's hard to justify his salary currently.  Then again the role he played last season was enormous.  As for Mauricio I think he will either have to accept a lower salary or leave.  It's a shame because he was clearly our best midfielder (except when Oliveira was on loan) but since the injury he hasn't been the same.  All three of them are not at the same level as last season.

As for our budget, my rudimentary calculations place it at 25 million.  This is based on figures from Football Manager.  Not exact but good to get an approximation.

One thing that stands out is that nearly everyone is overpaid based on their form and performance this season.  To name a few, Paschalakis, Varela, Matos, Esiti, Mauricio, Wernbloom (ha ha), Biseswar, El Kaddouri, Stoch, Vieirinha, Jaba.  Regardless of the reason why, they aren't playing to the level expected given their salaries.  Note the figures below are inc tax.

Another thing to consider is how this idea of lowering the budget can be implemented.  Who will want to buy these players and will they be able to get better offers elsewhere ?  I don't think so.

I definitely agree we need a clean out but it needs to be measured.

1    Paschalakis     780,000 
2    Zivkovic     260,000 
3    Papadopoulos     10,800 
4    Ingason     780,000 
5    Varela     1,900,000 
6    Crespo     762,000 
7    Mihaj     260,000 
8    Michailidis     25,100 
9    Giannoulis     485,000 
10    Rodrigo     520,000 
11    Matos     1,000,000 
12    Esiti     1,200,000 
13    Mauricio     2,300,000 
14    Wernbloom     2,500,000 
15    Augusto     415,000 
16    Tsingaras     5,800 
17    Misic     722,000 
18    Pelkas     884,000 
19    Biseswar     1,300,000 
20    El Kaddouri     1,400,000 
21    Stoch     1,700,000 
22    Lambrou     433,000 
23    Jaba     1,000,000 
24    Limnios     181,000 
25    Vieirinha     2,400,000 
26    Mystakidis     208,000 
27    Gaitanidis     139,000 
28    Swiderski     693,000
29    Akpom     1,400,000

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I agree.

I also think Limnios is not going to be around much longer. I'd love to keep him but he's going to have some suitors this summer.

Wernbloom's not going to get any offers, but if someone agrees to take him on loan for his last year and we agree to pay half (or even three quarters) of his salary, then I'd say it's win-win for us.

Isn't El Kaddouri a free agent this summer?


The big one that you're missing is Jaba. I don't think he'd get us much considering he missed the season and is still fighting a bacterial infection. But some team will likely see a bargain in him.

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I think El Kaddouri still has one year left on his contract after this season, I maybe wrong though. 

I don't think we need to get rid of Jaba, we invested a fair bit of money into him it's far too soon to cut our losses and sell him for cheap. He's only 21, and considering he had a solid enough season last season there is enough there to suggest he can be a good player for us. A poor start to this season and then an injury shouldn't mean we ship him off. 

Shipping off Wernbloom, Stoch and Mauricio (unless he takes a massive pay cut) will free up plenty of cash. Plus the potential sales of Limnios or Giannoulis (I'd try to keep one if possible)

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Those salaries are nowhere close to reality, and most of them probably include the 45% taxes owed to the government, as well as performance bonuses

Wernbloom is not our highest paid player. His salary is close to 1.1 mil. Vieirinha is our highest paid player at 1.3 mil and PAE PAOK was specific when Vieirinha was signed that his salary will be the highest salary on the team.

As for expiring contracts, in June 2020 the contracts of Mauricio, Misic, and Vieirinha are ending. Matos's contract expires as well if he does not play additional 3 games this season. El Kaddouri's contract expires in June 2021 along with quite a few other players.

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Yep the salaries are inc tax.  So base salary + 45% tax.  Having said that I believe the tax rules were changed recently in Greece and I recall it meant that the tax will be approximately halved.

Are the salaries really that nowhere close to reality ?  Maybe our budget is 10 million or 50 million ?

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Word has it Vieirinha is going to be re-signed, which is no surprise to me. Of course, this is just "buzz" on the social media and so means little. I think it's a no-brainer, honestly. Even if he does lose a step.

I would be surprised if the terms of Matos's contract are not affected by what happens with the league. Right now I wouldn't be surprised if it is entirely suspended, but if that happens what are the chances that the terms of said contract are not iron-clad? Some sort of...disaster verbiage, for example.

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Here is the 2019-2020season PAOK roster including players on loan. Includes information on contract expiration and estimated salaries:


31 - Alexandros PASCHALAKIS (1989) – 30-Jun-2022 - 450,000 (Buyout option: 8,000,000)
88 - Zivko ZIVKOVIC (1989) - 30-Jun-2022 - 250,000
Rodrigo REY (1991) – 30-Jun-2021 - 400,000 - (On loan: Godoy Cruz)
Nikos MELISSAS (1993) – 30-Jun-2022  - 100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos)
60 -Symeon PAPADOPOULOS (2000) – 30-Jun-2021 - 10,800
Nikos BOURGANIS (1997) – 30-Jun-2022


3 -Leo MATOS (1986) – 30-Jun-2021) - 610,000
2 - Rodrigo SOARES (1992) – 30-Jun-2022- 600,000
Eleftherios LYRATZIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - 100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos)


Angel Jose CRESPO (1987) – 30-Jun-2021 - 680,000
5 - Fernando VARELA (1987) – 30-Jun-2022- 1,000,000 + bonuses
4 - Sverrir Ingi INGASON (1993) – 30 Jun-2022 - 450,000 (Buyout option: 20,000,000)
6 - Enea MIHAJ (1998) – 30-Jun-2023 - 150,000 (Buyout option: 7,000,000)
Marko MIHOJEVIC (1996) – 31-Dec-2020 - 120,000 – (On loan: Erzgerbirge Aue) (Buyout option: 800,000)
49 - Ioannis MICHAILIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 –  60,000  (Buyout option: 4,000,000)
Apostolos DIAMANTIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – (Buyout option: 4,000,000) (On loan: NFC Volos)


23 - Dimitris GIANNOULIS (1995) – 30-Jun-2022 - 280,000 (Buyout option: € 1,000,000)
20 - Antelino VIEIRINHA (1986) – 30-Jun-2020 - 1,300,000
Marios TSAOUSIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 -   - (On loan: NFC Volos)


19 - Pontus WERNBLOOM (1986) – 30-Jun-2021 - 1,100,000
24 - Anderson ESITI (1994) – 30-Jun-2023- 700,000
8 - Jose MAURICIO (1988) – 30-Jun-2020- 1,100,000
Thibauld MOULIN (1990) – 31-Dec-2020 – 550,000 (PAOK pays 75%) (On loan: AO Xanthi)
Ergys KACE (1993) – 30-Jun-2022 - 250,000 (Buyout option: € 5,000,000) (On loan: AE Larisa)
Konstantinos BALOGIANNIS (1999) – 30-Jun-2021 (On loan: NFC Volos)
Tasos MELETIDIS (1999) – 30-Jun-2020
Dimitrios MELIOPOULOS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – Retired


33 - Douglas AUGUSTO (1997) – 30-Jun-2023- 250,000
27 - Josip MISIC (1994) – 30-Jun-2020- 900,000
7 - Omar EL KADDOURI (1990) – 30-Jun-2021 - 800,000
51 - Theoharis TSIGGARAS (2000) - 10,800


10 - Dimitris PELKAS (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 - 500,000 (€ 10,000,000  buyout option)
21 - Diego BISESWAR (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 - 750,000  (3,000,000  buyout option)
Zisis CHATZISTRAVOS (1999) – 30-Jun-2022
Georgios DOUMTSIS (2000) –


18 - Dimitrios LIMNIOS - (1988) – 30-Jun-2021 - 130,000 (€ 10,000,000  buyout option)
98 - Leonardo JABA ( 1998) – 30-Jun-2023 - 600,000
Antonios GAITANIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - 85,000
Amr WARDA (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 - 250,000 (PAOK pays 75%)(€ 3,000,000  buyout option) (On loan: AE Larisa)


47 - Chuba AKPOM (1995) – 30-Jun-2021 - 800,000 - (€ 15,000,000  buyout option, Arsenal owes 25%)
9 - Karol SWIDERSKI (1997) – 30-Jun-2022 - 400,000 - (€ 20,000,000  buyout option)
Alexandros GARGALATZIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - (On loan: AO Xanthi)


22 - Lazaros LAMBROU (1997) – 30-Jun-2023 - 250,000
99 - Miroslav STOCH (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 - 1,000,000
Christos TZOLIS (2002) –

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Great list Blackhawk.

There's lots of room to cut/sell players here. Here's who I'd try to get rid of in the summer window.

Most of the youngings, I would keep. There is not much money tied up in them anyway. I don't think you screw with our defenders either, though if a good offer comes in for Ingason, that might be worth it. I feel that Mihaj is gone simply because the coach doesn't like him, but I'm not counting him out yet. If we get a decent offer for Pelkas, consider it...I still think he's probably our best player though (come at me bro)



31 - Alexandros PASCHALAKIS (1989) – 30-Jun-2022 -  450,000 (Buyout option:  8,000,000)
Rodrigo REY (1991) – 30-Jun-2021 -  400,000 - (On loan: Godoy Cruz)


3 -Leo MATOS (1986) – 30-Jun-2021) -  610,000
2 - Rodrigo SOARES (1992) – 30-Jun-2022-  600,000
Eleftherios LYRATZIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 -  100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos)


Marko MIHOJEVIC (1996) – 31-Dec-2020 -  120,000 – (On loan: Erzgerbirge Aue) (Buyout option:  800,000)


19 - Pontus WERNBLOOM (1986) – 30-Jun-2021 -  1,100,000 [nobody's paying this much, but perhaps a loan with us paying partial salary?]
8 - Jose MAURICIO (1988) – 30-Jun-2020-  1,100,000 [don't renew]
Thibauld MOULIN (1990) – 31-Dec-2020 –  550,000 (PAOK pays 75%) (On loan: AO Xanthi)
Ergys KACE (1993) – 30-Jun-2022 -  250,000 (Buyout option: € 5,000,000) (On loan: AE Larisa)


33 - Douglas AUGUSTO (1997) – 30-Jun-2023-  250,000
7 - Omar EL KADDOURI (1990) – 30-Jun-2021 -  800,000


18 - Dimitrios LIMNIOS - (1988) – 30-Jun-2021 -  130,000 (€ 10,000,000  buyout option)
98 - Leonardo JABA ( 1998) – 30-Jun-2023 -  600,000 [sell if possible - his salary also increases yearly]
Amr WARDA (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 -  250,000 (PAOK pays 75%)(€ 3,000,000  buyout option) (On loan: AE Larisa)


47 - Chuba AKPOM (1995) – 30-Jun-2021 -  800,000 - (€ 15,000,000  buyout option, Arsenal owes 25%)


99 - Miroslav STOCH (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 -  1,000,000 [not because i don't think he's still got it - more because the coach doesn't know how to use him]

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Cimirot - Misic would be nice pairing in the PAOK lineup. If he comes in as free transfer it will be a good addition. Recently I read if UEFA does not relax the FFP rules, than PAOK needs to somehow create a 12 million surplus. This would mostly involve sale of players. I can't see us spending outrageous amounts of money for highly priced players . 

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Do we have any hot young prospects at LB? Next season we have Matos, Soares, and Lyratzis all at RB. And no I don't think we should trust any of them to play on their off foot for a season (and I'm aware of Matos playing there like five years ago).

Maybe we should just buy Korovesis back! The opposing players will just get lost in his eyes.

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